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Kids for the planet

Buying clothes for your kids is easier said than done. And if you want to think about the environment, it certainly is going to be a difficult job. But not with Kioko Kids! Dress your little one in the nicest colours of the rainbow with this sustainable clothing brand.

Kioko Kids: who, what, where?

Kioko stands for happiness in Japanese and that's what the Belgian brand wants to convey in its clothes.

Where most brands would send their ideas to producers in a low-wage country, Kioko does things differently. Most of the clothes are made in our own country and therefore have the Made In Belgium label. In addition, the company uses sustainable and recycled materials. Okay yes, there are already a few. What makes the brand so unique? The fact that Kioko is not monotonous, but offers a wide range of bright colours in its collections. The nice cut of the clothes and the types of fabrics that are different from the ordinary jogging or jersey fabric, making it all a dream for children. Because kids will be kids and they just want to dream and play.

Ecologically sound clothes

Kioko Kids chooses materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton, sustainable wool, recycled polyester and Closed-Loop Polyurethane from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The own prints and fabric dyes are also all GOTS-certified in Belgium. All other substances that can harm the environment are completely avoided.

By having some items produced in Belgium, the brand minimizes their transport and therefore only the tailor has to go on an airplane instead of 100 kg clothes. The clothing that is still produced in Morocco and that is transported to Belgium is subjected to strict agreements.

For example, Kioko packs the garments per ten instead of separately and always works with reusable plastic bags.

Safe workplace

No fair wages and poor working conditions are taboo at Kioko. The brand, therefore, cooperates with three transparent producers. In Peru, it works together with Solid International's wool factory Bombyx (non-profit association), which provides work for women in a vulnerable situation. The socks are produced in France and the fabrics are processed in Morocco by a team of seven sewers.


So now it’s time to put your child in sustainable clothes with a playful touch. Sign for their future and go on a shopping spree on kiokiokids.be.

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