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Are you a real homebody who loves beautiful, comfortable and durable clothes to cocoon in? Then definitely take a look at King Comf. This Belgian brand creates "haute-comfort" clothes and shoes to live in. The unique collections radiate softness, cosiness and authenticity. Discover luxurious kimonos, comfortable slippers, cool trainers and colourful plaids and scarves. King Comf offers you a perfect combination of stylish and comfortable!

Ethical production and supply chain

All King Comf products are made in different small-scale ateliers in Portugal. These are located within a short distance from each other and are visited by the owners of King Comf twice a year. A production chain within Europe has the advantage that ethical working conditions can be guaranteed. Moreover, this way you can avoid long transports as a brand, which keeps the CO2 emissions low.


For their kimonos, plaids and shawls, King Comf uses leftover materials that they source locally in Portugal. Brands usually buy their fabrics from weaving mills, which ask for a minimum order of fabrics. As a result, unused metres of textile are often left behind in the stitching department. King Comf searches for quality fabrics and gives them a new life with their collections.

For the shoes, the brand looks for stock inventories of leather with a European origin. Would you like to read more about the advantages of European leather? Click here. The shoe soles of the trainers are made of recycled material. All materials of the shoe are from European origin and therefore comply with the European environmental legislation.

The slippers are made of soft, naturally treated sheep's wool and have an outer sole of non-slip rubber. The removable sole is made of recycled material from other shoe sole production and the upper part of the slippers is also made of waste materials, hand-woven scraps from the King Comf shawls. In this way, materials that would otherwise be thrown away are processed in the slippers. Super cool if you ask us!

Good to know: the shipping of the King Comf products to its customers is completely plastic-free. In addition, the brand doesn't use any air traffic, thereby they're also limiting their CO2 emissions to a minimum.

Animal welfare

King Comf is not a vegan brand and uses animal leather and sheep wool. However, the brand is currently (2022) researching a switch from animal leather to faux leather made from natural materials for their trainers. Within the supply chains of wool, there is often little transparency about the origin of the raw material and the circumstances in which the animals live. Want to read more about the impact of wool? Then click here.

Circular economy

King Comf works with deadstock materials that would otherwise end up in landfill and is therefore committed to circularity. In the future, the brand also wants to take back items from customers who no longer wear them. By recycling their pieces at the end of life, they want to complete the circle and avoid waste as much as possible. And we at COSH can only applaud that!

Slow Fashion

Astrid & Cleome, founders of the clothing brand, worked in the fashion industry for many years themselves. The unnecessary waste and fictitious expiration dates in the industry drove them to start their own brand. Their goal? To create a brand that produces timeless products with respect for people and nature.

We bet you that you will enjoy your comfortable kimono all year round and that the colourful slippers will soon become your most worn item? Moreover, King Comf produces in small quantities and thus avoids overproduction.


COSH! talked to the founders of KIng Comf and experienced 100% transparency about the materials and data of the production sites. Because of this we at COSH! can be sure that this brand acts within their ecological values and certainly contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry! We don't hide the fact that we are fans of King Comf!

King Comf makes unique pieces for unique people. The brand is aimed at people of all ages, for family and friends,... Are you ready to become 'The King Of Comf'? Discover the points of sale below:

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