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Satin softness which gives you and your family sweet dreams and energetic mornings. We are proud to present you this wide assortment of luxury cotton linen, all Fairtrade.

Materials: Organic and fair trade

Kalani offers you bath linen, pillowcases, bed covers, bathrobes, bathroom towels and bath mats made from 100% organic and fairtrade cotton. In the past year, the brand has also expanded its offer with a loungewear collection that consists of comfortable hoodies, T-shirts, track trousers and night dresses. All products are made to last and easy to use. Thanks to the softness and high quality of the fibres and weave, no ironing (or low ironing) is needed.

Kalani home linen is made from 100% organic cotton GOTS certified by Ecocert Greenlife. Both ensure the highest standard on the market. There are no artificial chemicals, toxic materials nor GMOs used in the production of your bathrobes, towels and duvet covers. The result? Healthy soil, rich biodiversity, no toxic chemicals in the environment, and workers who are respected and fairly paid. The GOTS certified cotton is picked and processed in a safe way. All of the Kalani products comply with the REACH standard, which guarantees you that no toxic materials were used. The standard ensures the safety of textile workers, the environment and your family.

Conventional cotton cultivation requires lots of fertilisers and pesticides. These artificial chemicals are derived from oil, and therefore polluting the environment. For 1 kg of conventional cotton, 3 kg of artificial chemicals are needed. Luckily this is not the case at Kalani.

High quality

Kalani is dedicated to work with fabrics woven at 300tc (300 thread count): this amount offers the best ratio of longevity to luxury products. However you should not always rely on the number of threads given on the packaging of your linen. Some cotton brands on the market claim to offer 900tc or even 1200tc, while they only work in single thread. These brands will artificially calculate a higher number thread.

The high-quality long cotton fibres Kalani uses will ensure the longevity of your soft towels and sheets. Cotton lasts longer compared to other fabrics (e.g. Bamboo towels) plus cottonis more easily recyclable. Especially if it’s made out of only one material like here at Kalani. Pure monomaterial items can be returned to the cycle without mechanical recycling or chemical recycling.

Kalani’s offers you bed linen in 4 different fabrics, all providing different sensory experiences.
  • Cotton Sateen is the ultimate luxury, the softest and warmest quality of fabric, without being too hot in the summers.
  • Cotton percale represents hotel quality and is an alternative to satin cotton.
  • The Premium Jersey is very soft, and widely used for fitted sheets.The Jersey Premium will make you feel like you are sleeping in your favourite T-shirt.
  • Flat Cable Knit is used for the plaids.

All kalani articles, candles, bathrobes, towels, covers and pillowcases have a ‘vegan approved’ certification. This way you can be sure to exclude all animal ingredients from your bath and bedroom. The use of organic farming practices for cotton also increases local biodiversities.

Ethical working conditions

All Kalani products are Fairtrade certified. The bath linen, towels and bathrobes are ethically made in India in Fair Trade factories, which respect workers rights. The factories all respect the rules and code of conduct of the ILO (International Labour Office).

The bed linen factory is located in the province of West Bengal in northern India. This factory was one of the first Indian factories - 15 years ago - to become GOTS certified and trading organic cotton. Unlike in other factories, every product is checked by hand in order to ensure the highest quality for your bed linen and covers. For the blankets, Kalani works with a factory located in the province of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. This organic and fairtrade certified factory specializes in knitted textiles for sponges, plaids and sweaters. The last released Luxury Towels collection is made from Organic cotton and 100% made in Belgium.

Circular Economy

Kalani has measured the impact of the organic bed linen, in comparison with conventional cotton. By only using organic GOTS certified Cotton, Kalani has

  • reduced the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers with 100%
  • decreased water consumption by 96%. The factories in India are located in a rainy climate, so no human irrigation is necessary to grow cotton.
  • saved 6% energy production
  • saves 6% CO2 emissions

For each product on the Kalani website you can calculate how much energy, water and CO2 emissions you have saved by choosing organic cotton. A great way to immediately see your impact on the planet by shopping consciously.

Transport and packaging

The products are shipped in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes. The gaps inside the boxes are filled recycled paper twists. Duvet covers and pillowcases are packaged in a beautiful cotton bag, which you can re-used to store your sheets in your wardrobe, to protect your underwear or separate your shoes in a suitcase.

Sustainable candles

Kalani offers you 100% organic soy wax, all handmade in Brussels. The candles carry a fresh smell of cotton flowers from organic oil produced in France. With the Kalani candle, you will be invited to enjoy a calm and cosy evening.

Soy wax candles burn on average 2 times longer than ordinary candles. Soya wax is made from the oil of soya beans, so it is also a vegetable material. Kalani only uses GMO-free soya beans for their candles. Thanks to a short supply chain, they can lower their CO2 emissions.

Did you know that to label the product as a 'soya candle', it's not necessary to make the entire candle from soya? The other materials can therefore also contain polluting paraffin or palm oil, which is a lot cheaper. So always choose 100% soya candles, like here at Kalani.

Kalani's cost breakdown on €100 spent: cause you have the right to know what you are paying for

Kalani is transparent about their certification, their suppliers and their overall costs. Through the pricing table on their website you get an overview of how much it costs to produce your soft luxury textiles. The brand also takes the ecological and social costs of its production into account.

It is with great pleasure that we at COSH! present these luxury towels, robes and covers for your home. Curious? Take a look on the map below!

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