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Infantium Victoria

Nostalgic romantic children's clothing, with a small hint of steampunk and a hint of gothic. That's Infantium Victoria. No mainstream clothing, but PETA-approved vegan child-couture.

Uh, Infantium Victoria?

In 2014, Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel founded Infantium Victoria. The brand specializes in high end organic and vegan children's clothing. Avant-garde and a touch of darkness.


All patterns are made by hand in atelier D'andt in Zaventem (Belgium). The production itself takes place in Germany, Portugal, Spain and India. The producers with whom the brand works are selected on the basis of strict criteria. For example, they have to use sustainable raw materials, manage their waste well and guarantee ethical working conditions...

The brand is very open about the origin of its raw materials. On the website you will find the names of the fabric producers, together with a link to their website.

Infantium Victoria has opted for GOTS-certified organic cotton from the Modena (Italy) and French regions. GOTS cotton also comes from Switzerland and Portugal for the collection and a small proportion of the fabrics are produced in India, where the brand works with local GOTS-certified fabric suppliers. The clothes that Infantium Victoria suffocates in Europe are made with fabrics from the European fabric suppliers.

Other fabrics: GOTS-certified tulle, a cotton-polyethylene mix and linen from Belgium.

The ribbons and lace are French, the press studs also come from Belgium.

The buttons on Infantium Victoria's clothes are made of coconuts and are manufactured in Germany (at Knopf&Knopf).

A good workplace?

Yes. Not only does Infantium Victoria put a lot of effort into ecologically sound clothing, but the working conditions in which it is produced are also important.

By opting for production in Belgium and Western Europe, the brand can check whether the working conditions are good. Infantium Victoria also has its producers regularly inspected independently.

And - wait, this is so cool - with each garment you can see how many minutes of honest work it took to develop the model and make the garment.

Infantium Victoria does not yet provide data on its garment factories. If they do, they will get an even higher transparency score.


No, not yet. Maybe that can change in the future, Infantium Victoria?

In short

Romantic eco and vegan children's clothing with a gothic edge.

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