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Do you like to write your grocery shopping list, ideas or reminders on paper? Then you are maybe looking for a sustainable planner or notebook made from environmentally-friendly paper? At Huis van Mus you find stationary made from never used advertising banners and recycled paper.

Next to stationary like postal cards, notebooks and notepads, Huis van Mus also offers lovely tote bags, laundry bags and plant bags made from used banners. Thanks to the circular products of Huis van Mus you lower the garbage belt in a fun way!

Ethically and locally produced

All products of Huis van Mus are made in the atelier of founder Maria in Bilzen (located between Maastricht and Hasselt). Maria started a new education a few years ago as a graphic designer and loves to work creatively with perfectly usable rest materials that would otherwise end up on the garbage belt.

Circular materials

All products of Huis van Mus are made from reusable or recyclable materials. The postal cards of Huis van Mus are printed on Paperwise which is a type of paper made from agricultural residues, for example.

For the sustainable notebooks, ruled paper and planners Huis van Mus uses advertising banners and waste of printing offices. Did you know that for an advertising campaign more posters get printed than used? They are still perfectly usable! Maria collects leftover posters at a local company that attaches posters in the streets and makes colorful notepads and notebooks out of them.

Next to that, Huis van Mus also uses banners that are used only once. The material of the banners is flexible and water-resistant which makes them perfect to upcycle to nice bags and tote bags.

When you order something from Huis van Mus it is always shipped with reusable paper or a cardboard box that Maria still had in her atelier. This way she tries to keep her ecological footprint as low as possible. All the waste of her production is nicely sorted to the Household Waste Recycling Centre!

Personalized prints

Do you want a personalized notebook or notepads that fit with your sustainable company or organization? Maria loves to make personalized designs for you! You can contact her via the website of Huis van Mus.


Maria of Huis van Mus communicates very transparently about her way of working and the materials she uses. Because of her local production in Belgium, you can be sure that the products of Huis van Mus are made in an ethically responsible way. Even more, you also support your favorite local entrepreneur with your purchase!

Do you want a sustainable notebook or do you have a colorful tote bag on your wishlist? Then make sure to check the sales points of Huis van Mus below:

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