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Wine stain, torn lining or damaged corners? Do you have a designer handbag that needs a freshening up, or a pair of beautiful heels with usage damage? Do not throw away your boots or pumps, but give them a facelift. HOIHOI makes sure that your precious item shines again!

HOIHOI was founded by 27 year old shoemaker Justine. Her passion for shoes and handbags has been with her since childhood. She studied shoe technology for sports and rehabilitation at the Thomas More high school and besides her industrial engineering studies, she specialised in shoe repair, bag restoration and leather goods maintenance.

The most challenging repairs are those that require 'reconstruction', such as replacing a worn lining or a torn handle. All leather repairs start with finding the right leather to restore the original look of the item. Then, the broken parts are removed and the new materials are placed professionally. For instance, HOIHOI can reupholster heels, place heels and soles of shoes, replace zips and closures in handbags and much more.

In addition, HOIHOI also removes scratches, worn corners, stains and faded colours from your luxury shoes or leather handbag. In the workshop, your favourite bag or shoe is cleaned, if necessary re-coloured, refurbished or polished. This makes your luxury leather goods shine again like never before! Is the damage too big or do you want to give your accessory a different look? HOIHOI can also reupholster and replace hooks or clasps.

All iconic bag repairs are done by shoemaker and founder Justine from her workshop in Oosterzele. Thanks to online communication and good follow-up, she can serve customers from everywhere. By combining old and new techniques Justine is always looking for the best solution to give your favourite items a new life. In this way, she makes sure that less stuff is thrown away and she contributes to a more sustainable, circular society. So if you don't have a local shoemaker you can trust 300% with your special leather items? One address: hoihoi.be.

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