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“Changing the world on socks” is the mission of HeroOnSocks. This Belgian brand makes fairtrade socks and supports good causes and organizations in Belgium with their sales. Do you also want to become a Hero on Socks and change the world sock by sock? Read more information down below.


HeroOnSocks offers different collections of socks all from different materials. On the website you can find very transparently which materials the socks contain. For some collections, like KisSocks, the brand uses GOTS-certified cotton that is produced in a socially responsible and organic way.

Since 2019 the brand uses 100% recycled yarn for their #hackyourjeans socks. For this collection the brand created together with ESG-group a strong yarn of recycled jeans. This yarn is supplemented with sustainable materials Tencel and Ecovero of the producer Lenzing. For every sold pair of this collection one pair is donated to homeless centers in Belgium. Furthermore, the socks are produced in Belgium and are very soft and comfortable!

HeroOnSocks dye their yarn in a certified dye-house to add the right colors to their design. No pesticides are used here, which makes it better for humans and the environment.

Next to cotton the socks contain a small amount of elastane and/or polyamide. This mix of materials makes the socks hard to recycle, but the use of these materials is needed to guarantee the elasticity and user comfort.

The packaging of HeroOnSocks is made of recycled cartons. They are also designed so that no glue is needed for the assemblage and they limit the amount of prints as much as possible.

Ethical and short chain

Good working conditions is a must for HeroOnSocks. All socks are fairtrade produced within Europe (these include Poland and Italy). This makes that the brand can guarantee fair production and avoids long transportation methods.

40% of the profit of HeroOnSocks goes to more than 10 good causes under which Feestvarken vzw, AAP vzw, Mobicart vzw, CheerForChampions vzw, HOS foundation vzw, homeless centers, …

Circular economy

Because of the mix of materials the socks are hard to recycle. Therefore, HeroOnSocks makes their socks of materials that last as long as possible. Next to that, the brand collects socks together with the HOS Foundation vzw for homeless people in Flanders. During de Warmste Week (‘Warmest week’) in 2020 de vzw collected no less than 125 000 pairs of socks. These were donated to homeless people.

Slow Fashion

The HeroOnSocks are made to last. To make sure you can wear the products as long as possible they steam and press the socks. This prevents shrinking and makes the socks very soft.

Are you looking for a sustainable gift with which you support a good cause or are you also obsessed with colorful socks? Discover HeroOnSocks collections and gift boxes at the sales points below!

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