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Sometimes babies need a partner by their side to get through the nights and fill the days. No, I'm not talking about pets, I'm talking about the Hektik Buddies. These cute cuddly toys are ideal for your little mini-me. They are nibble resistant, can withstand washing and are nice and soft.


The materials from which the Hektik Buddies are made are OekoTex-certified cotton and alpine fleece. Not the most sustainable fabrics, but the safest for your child. The OekoTex certificate ensures that no dangerous chemicals remain on the final product. Hektik Buddies are good for your baby's night's sleep and his/her health.


It all started in a small studio in Rotterdam, where the Hektik Buddies were made. Because of the great success, the brand wanted to expand. Now Hektik also has clothing, accessories, decoration and stationery in its collections. Everything is still handmade, but no longer in the same studio. For this purpose, Hektik now works together with a sheltered workshop. In this way, people who are disadvantaged on the labour market still get a chance to work.

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Cosh 2019 hektik ratles overview 72dpi 1000x750
Cosh 2019 hektik bf flap2 72dpi 1000x781
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Cosh 2019 hektik ratle lucky 72dpi
Cosh 2019 hektik bib flap 72dpi
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