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skirts, jackets or trousers

Standard or custom made

Godfried founder of Godfrieds Jeans wants to prove after 40 years of experience in clothing production, that you can survive as a local producer, even with high quality, sustainable materials. Men can order standard jeans from Godfried or opt for custom-made jeans. The first is a wide, loose model like a Levis 501. If you want something specific, you can choose for customization. You can also go to Godfried for a unique jeans jacket or jumpsuit.

Personalized jeans and a perfect fit

This experienced craftsman tailors jeans entirely in Belgium: styling, patronage, cutting, stitching and shipping are done in an ethical way in the studio in Wakken. He only works to order and therefore does not participate in mass production and does not suffer from surpluses. The advantage of this is that it is possible to guarantee personal touch and a perfect fit. Also for people with special sizes who are looking for extra long, short or wide jeans for example.

Selfedge raw denim

What makes Godfrieds Jeans so specific, is the materials with which Godfrieds chooses to work. He chooses 100% organic cotton with the GOTS label from Japan or a blend from 40% organic cotton BCI label and 60% ordinary cotton from a traditional weaving mill in Italy. Godfried only wants to work with self-edge raw denim that is made in an authentic, traditional way. In self cut jeans, the pattern of the side seam is placed against the side of the fabric in such a way that the authentic fabric edge becomes the side seam (preventing fabric waste). This way you get the typical hard jeans from 60 years ago. Out of ecological conviction he chooses 'raw' jeans. He goes to work with the pure unwashed and non-weathered fabric. The jeans adapt to your body and habits. Godfried uses buttons made of wood for the finish. His yarn is made of 100% pure natural linen. If you want an all vegan and 100% natural jeans, you've come to the right place!

Get your own made to order denim

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