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Ich bin ein Berliner

Follow the Berlin hipster trend with Givn Berlin. A sustainable clothing brand, designed in the capital and made honestly in Europe.

Givn Berlin?

The Berlin fashion company has been in existence since 2010, but started in 2019 with the switch to a 100% ecological brand. André Hoffman and Moritz Biel wanted to spread the Berlin fashion style, which is casual and hipster, with their brand. Now they do this in an even more sustainable way. Not only is the clothing sustainable, but also their flagship store in Berlin. This is because it is completely ecologically dressed.


COSH! interviewed production manager Veronica and she managed to tell us this: "Since last season we have changed the focus of Givn Berlin (the brand used to be called Stoffbruch). The entire autumn/winter 2019 collection was made of organic cotton, recycled PES and tencel." No information about the switch can be found on the website yet. Still, the brand is transparent about which materials are in the garments. We at COSH! believe that by autumn 2020, Givn Berlin will achieve its goal of being 100% ecological.


The production takes place in the European Union, which guarantees that the working conditions are good and that the employees get a fair wage. For example, Givn Berlin's largest factory is located in Poland, which is only a three hour drive from Berlin. The fabrics used by the brand come mainly from Italy and Portugal. These factories also comply with EU production standards in terms of working conditions, chemicals, fair pay, etc.


The flagship store in Berlin demonstrates the brand's commitment to circularity. The entire interior is made up of building waste and pallets. We do not know how ecological they are when it comes to packaging their products. Givn Berlin does ship its products via DHL's climate-neutral service.


Immerse yourself in Berlin fashion with Givn Berlin. High-quality clothing for men and women. Discover below on COSH! in which shops this brand can still be found.

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