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A shade lighter

While the catwalks are overflowing with colourful prints and edgy looks, the public is still a bit more inclined. Most consumers nowadays choose the quiet, tone-on-tone outfits and we can't disagree with them. Minimalist, in fact, exudes elegance and a sense of style. But can we make it eco? Yes, of course with clothing brand Frisur!


This Berlin brand, founded by Thies Meyer and Stephan Sunder-Plassmann, makes clothes with an eye for quality and durability. Frisur also focuses on the timeless, which also contributes to the sustainable aspect. In order to strengthen this, the brand mainly works with light and earthy tones that are easy to combine.

Eco & ethical?

The brand does not promise that all the materials they use are sustainable. But in return, it is fully transparent. For example, it will inform you of the origin of the fabrics.

COSH! does not know which producers Frisur works with, but what we do know is that they are located in the EU. Then good working conditions and a fair wage are certainly the case.

Looking for timeless clothing for men? Go through life in the designs of Frisur.

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FRISUR SS20 MAN sustainable fair made jumper
FRISUR SS20 MAN sustainable mensclothing
FRISUR SS20 sustainable mens jacket