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The German clothing brand Engel sells affordable, organic clothing for both adults and children. As a co-initiator of the renowned Global International Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate, Engel is committed to high ecological and social quality standards. Are you looking for organic clothing for men, women or babies? Then you've come to the right place at Engel.

Materials for adults

Engel makes leggings, short and long sleeve t-shirts for women and men out of organic wool and silk. The neutral tops and underpants are made from 100% organic cotton. Engel also has bras made of 100% cotton (unfortunately not organic cotton).

Materials for children and babies

Babies and toddlers should also wear sustainable clothing. Organic materials contain less harmful substances and are therefore ideal for a sensitive and allergic baby skin. Moreover, it is of course better for the environment.

For kids, Engel has gender-neutral hats, scarves, pantsuits, undershirts and slippers, all made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Keep your baby warm with the beautiful cotton pantsuits and sleeping bags made from organic merino virgin wool. In addition, Engel uses a combination of 70% organic wool and 30% silk for its crawlers, scarves and T-shirts to optimally regulate your baby's temperature. Engel also makes hats from 100% silk, and slippers from 100% organic wool.

The fabrics are colored in neutral colors and earth tones, so they can be worn by boys and girls. You can also combine them perfectly with other prints.

Most products bear the NATURTEXTIL- IVN ZERTIFIZIERT BEST quality seal of the Global Organic Textile Standard logo. This is particularly important for the German Engel. Customers can thus quickly find the product label with the license number on the product itself.

Working conditions

Engel is one of the first 27 German companies to be certified according to the criteria of "Grüner Knopf". This global certification mark is supervised by the government and guarantees that the textiles placed on the market have been produced in a socially and ecologically responsible manner.

The clothing for children and adults is made in Germany. The organic cotton is GOTS certified, so you can assume that it was produced in good working conditions. Engel aims to provide fair and safe working conditions for all workers throughout the production process.


Some of the clothing at Engel contains GOTS organically certified merino wool. This means that the brand is not completely vegan. In addition, they also use a Mulberry silk blend for its hats, T-shirts and crawlers and its slippers consist of 100% wool from organic cattle breeding.

In organic livestock farming, sheep are fed organic feed and the company does not keep more animals than the land can handle. However, this does not mean that all the criteria for guaranteeing animal welfare are met. Although the attention paid to animal welfare in organic livestock farming is greater than in conventional livestock farming. Organic farming ensures that the animals are naturally healthier and that they stay that way.

Circular Economy

All materials at Engel are natural (wool, silk, cotton). They are easier to recycle and break down more quickly. In addition, there are no artificial substances and therefore no microplastics. This is definitely a plus!

In addition, most of the garments at Engel are made from one material, making them easier to recycle after use. Engel insists on the quality of its fabrics, so the clothes have a longer lifespan and you can easily pass them on to other children. The neutral colors make the clothing timeless, so the beautiful sleep sacks and pantsuits can be passed down from generation to generation.

To protect the clothing from dirt, moisture, and moths during transport, it is packed in plastic bags. To reduce waste, Engel uses recycled polyethylene.

Short supply chain

For production, the clothing brand cooperates with a number of companies in southern Germany, mostly located about 30 km from their Pfullingen headquarters. The short chain means that they contribute to the local economy, save on transport, are able to carry out quality control and deliver quickly and efficiently.

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