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Danish mythology

Real Vikings wear the clothes of Danefae Organic. This is the subline of the Danefae brand, especially for children. Compared to the collections for adults, the children's collection focuses more on natural materials. Danefae Organic Kids is comfortable trousers, sweaters and T-shirts with cool drawings and colourful trouser suits.


The brand attaches great importance to the safety of the child. That is why Danefae Kids avoids the use of hazardous chemicals during production. The clothing carries the OekoTex certificate, but after further investigation, it turned out that this certificate expired on 30/11/2019. We hope that Danefae will update this soon. The Danefae Organic Kids jersey garments are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. We are waiting for more info about the number.


For the ethical side of the brand, Danefae works according to the principles of UN Global Contract: products with care; production with care: energy consumption with care; care for the workplace; attention to the lives of all children. The brand achieves the latter by donating overstock and profits to SOS Children's Villages, families with cancer patients and orphanages such as DinNødhjælp in Nigeria.


Danefae's children's clothing has not yet been designed with the end of life of the product in mind, but it is of high quality. This means that it can be passed on from generation to generation.

Comfortable and quality children's clothing for little vikings and mermaids? You can find them at Danefae Organic Kids. Look below where you can find this brand.

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