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On behalf of MAD Brussels and in the framework of the United Fashion Festival, designers Doriane van Overeem (BE), Karolina Jurikova (CZ) and Maximilian Rittler (AUT) co-created a sustainable and affordable fashion collection. During this challenging process they were mentored by three fashion experts - Veronique Branquinho, Peggy Acke (MAD) and Niki de Schryver (Founder COSH!)

The result of the extensive research is ‘DailyMenu’. Their collection consisting of six versatile and made-to-last pieces that are suitable for both men and women with different body-types. The garments are transparently made out of second-hand garments and deadstock materials and are produced as close to home as possible.

Commissioned by MAD Brussels, COSH! also conducted a Life Cycle Analysis on the collection, in addition to the guidance on sustainability. We calculated that by choosing upcycled materials the designers saved 94% water and 88% CO2 in the production of the jackets. For the blouses, COSH! calculated 99% water savings and 91% CO2 emission reduction.

Want to discover the collection? Check the United Fashion exhibition in Brussels or the DailyMenu website.

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Daily Menu alexandra bertels MAD hack the system brand COSH 2
Daily Menu alexandra bertels MAD hack the system brand COSH