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Looking for an innovative yet beautifully tailored raincoat? Then rainwear brand BY BROWN might be able to fit your style and fulfill all your luxury outerwear dreams!

British designer Melanie Brown founded this brand in 2014.“BY BROWN allows you to express your state of mind in all the extremities that the environment may throw at you.” Says Melanie.

BY BROWN is focused on women and is therefore tailored for the female body and shapes, while offering serious protection for the rain at the same time. BY BROWN reflects the individuality of the strong, sensual, discerning woman. No boxy shapeless coats to be found here! There’s a good reason this brand has won several prestigious awards!

Ethics & supply chain

All coats are ecologically and ethically manufactured with certified partners in Europe.

Thanks to this 100% European production, proper working conditions are ensured under Europe's strict labour regulations.

BY BROWN raincoats are designed and sampled in the atelier in Amsterdam and manufactured by a family run business in Portugal, Pafil. The personal relationship that BY BROWN has established with Pafil since 2014 is an integral part of the label’s DNA. They also work with a Polish factory sometimes. “BY BROWN wears their partnerships with pride, the same way their customers wear their coats.” Rick Immerzeel, sales and marketing at BY BROWN.


The coats are made with premium, bluesign® materials. Materials certified by bluesign® are free of harmful chemicals.

A smart, technical membrane safeguards a breathable, waterproof and comfortable experience. Additionally, some of the coats have a detachable lining that keeps you warm down to -15ºC. The lining is made from 100% certified, recycled, German PET.

The 3 layered, S.Cafe material is made of 34% waste, a combination of recycled coffee grounds and certified recycled PET-bottles (polyester). Sounds innovative; yet it’s also very functional, as S.Cafe dries fast, has odour-control and offers UV protection. The Singtex membrane proves dryness with a 10,000mm water column, and the surface repellency is further increased with a special DWR coating.

This coating contains chemical fluorocarbon compounds (PFC/C6) which unfortunately comes with harmful by-products for the environment, however it doesn’t contain PFOA’s or PFO’s. BY BROWN admits this on its website and they are researching and developing more environmentally friendly products for the future.

As well as the material, technical design is also seen in the heat-fused protected pockets, thermal sealing and laser cut finishing with innovative design features like tailored capes, streamlined hoods, extra mobility-inspired gussets and 2-way bonded waterproof zips.

The hang tags are made from recycled paper, and the textile labels are made from 100% recycled polyester.

Animal welfare

BY BROWN is a vegan brand as they never use animal derived ingredients or materials in their coats. Their linings consist of polyester, so not of down feathers.

Circular economy

In terms of longevity and extending the lifetime of a garment, BY BROWN does really well. BY BROWN’s primary concern is designing excellent raincoats, that says enough, doesn’t it? If something’s damaged, like if a button breaks or a seam comes loose, BY BROWN will always try to fix it for you.

Besides, BY BROWN has circular plans for the future! As their current coats are neither biodegradable nor easily recyclable because of the use of blended materials, they’re now working towards using only recycled polyester.

BY BROWN aims to run a supply chain that is fully circular, producing all their coats from recycled polyester, replacing PET with recycled textile waste. Because the garments will be 100% made of polyester, it’s efficient for recycling! After implementing that, they want to introduce a take back service for recycling, to fully close the loop.

Slow fashion

All the details of BY BROWN’s raincoats are perfectly thought through, leading to a cutting edge and technical design that can stand the test of time. BY BROWN’s raincoats have a unique yet minimal design that will never go out of fashion! The brand doesn’t introduce a new collection every six months, instead their collection is continuous with new cuts and colours being dropped periodically in limited quantities. Designer Melanie Brown designs organically and democratically and the clients’ opinion has an influence on certain aspects of the design.

In terms of longevity and extending the lifetime of a garment, BY BROWN does their best to make this happen. If something’s damaged, a button breaks or a seam comes loose, BY BROWN offers a repair service on their website and will always try to fix it for you.

Some coats are especially engineered for cycling in the rain, these have the shape of a poncho and are meant to be worn over your regular outfit. It’s also packable so you can pop it up whenever it starts pouring unexpectedly!


BY BROWN is transparent, the name of their main manufacturing partner is listed on the website, same for the recycled PET supplier. Besides, we spoke to the founder of BY BROWN and she communicated very transparently, that’s why all suppliers are known by COSH! But aren’t all disclosed in this brand screening.

Done getting wet from the rain? Let this Amsterdam based brand help you with its uniquely tailored premium raincoats! You’re guaranteed to stay dry and look fashionable, even while cycling!

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