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The French family business Bosabo is in its fifth generation of clog-shoemakers. All shoes are made locally in France, from natural materials. The clogs and sandals are available in different colors and sizes, perfect for work, a garden party or a day at the beach.


At Bosabo, most types of leather are tanned and dyed naturally. Unlike chrome tanned leather, no chemicals are involved. To make leather from animal skins, they must first be treated during the tanning process. Animal skin contains a protein collagen, the tanning process ensures that this protein does not rot and transforms the leather into a sturdy material. For the tanning process, French Bosabo uses tannins from oak, chestnut or acacia trees.

To color the beautiful clogs and stylish sandals, the French brand uses water-based paint. Bosabo also uses an environmentally friendly alternative for drying. So the production process behind the minimalist clogs is not harmful to the environment, which we at COSH! can only applaud.

The inner soles in the sandals are made of cork and covered with leather. The outer soles are made of rubber which makes them feel light and flexible, but still have an excellent grip so you won't fall. In addition, Bosabo also incorporates wood into their columns. The wood comes from forests in the Pays-de-la-Loire region or southern Brittany. The French brand only buys wood from certified forests. The trees are not cut down until they are fully grown, and for every tree that is cut down, a new one is planted. In other words, sustainable forest management!


The Bosabo shoes and clogs are handmade in France. No two pairs will be exactly alike. The clogs at the French family business have been made the same way for over 125 years through traditional artisanal production processes. The result? Unique handmade shoes to be proud of.

Bosabo takes good care of its employees and insists on creating a positive and open working environment, where all 15 employees have their own responsibilities and can work independently.

Circular Economy

In order to reduce the impact of transport on energy, Bosabo only works with European tanneries from neighboring countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands), or where possible with French tanneries. Upon customer request, Bosabo can also work with recycled skins to make your sandals and clogs.

Bosabo recycles all wood waste from the shoe soles and reuses it to fire the boiler where the soles are dried. The paper is donated to schools to draw on and do crafts with. In addition, the French brand consciously only works with local and green suppliers to reduce its footprint on the environment. To sum up, a truly sustainable company!

Slow Fashion Business Model

The clogs, sandals and shoes are only made to order at Bosabo. No overproduction or stock surpluses. After ordering, the team starts working to make your shoe in a traditional way. After 1 or 2 weeks you will receive the shoes!

To ensure that your clogs and sandals last a long time, Bosabo provides a manual on its website explaining how to take care of the leather and wood. It is best not to leave your shoes too close to a heater or in bright sunlight or in an environment that is too humid. That way, the color and wood are best maintained.


Bosabo Transparencyabout the origin of the materials and components of the shoes. They also encourage their suppliers to communicate openly about the origin of their materials and working conditions. This way customers know exactly what is in their handmade shoe and by whom it is made.

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