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Relive the best childhood

Go back to the 70-80s with Bobo Choses. Bobo Choses makes clothinh with fun prints and a vintage look for children and adults. The Spanish brand aims to give comfort and happiness.


Bobo Choses cares about the well-being of our planet. That's why the brand does its best to be as sustainable as possible. The collections have a vintage look through 'garment dye'. This means that they knit GOTS-certified white cotton, then cut and stitch in Portugal and after that, the almost finished garment is coloured in OekoTex-certified 'dye houses' in Portugal. The brand is gradually replacing the materials for the durable versions, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. For the SS20 collection 62% is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, for the baby collection this is 66%.

The outdoors clothes are treated with a water-resistant product from BIONIC FINISH ECO and the polybags contain biodegradable plastic. This way the garments are completely free of chemicals and therefore safe to wear.


The brand works with a Code of Conduct that all the suppliers it works with must comply with. Bobo Choses also likes to work locally, as 93% of the SS20 collection is produced in Spain and Portugal. The other 7% is produced outside Europe. The raincoats and coats make up 2% of the collection and are made in China. The other 5% is for specially woven fabrics that can only be found and produced in India.


Yes, Bobo Choses answered our questions about the production chain. For example, we know that the textile is GOTS-certified, but the final product does not pass the final garment-dye step.

We got all certificate numbers through and could verify each factory. The brand gets 90% for Transparency.


Unintentionally perhaps, but because 66% of the 'garment dye' collection is made of GOTS organic cotton, the brand also uses cotton sewing thread. Often the wax labels are made of Polyester so that they remain white in a dye bath. This means that, with the exception of the labels, the garment is almost made of one material and is, therefore, easier to recycle after a series of wearings. The clothing of Bobo Choses is so timeless that it can be passed on from generation to generation.


Comfortable jumpsuits, colourful socks, romantic dresses, printed T-shirts and so much more, Bobo Choses has everything your child loves.
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Bobochoses adults lookbook men and women aw20 3
Bobochoses adults lookbook men and women aw20
Bobochoses adults lookbook men and women aw20 2