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Sustainable clothing for men and women, made in good conditions. That is the philosophy of Armedangels. All Armedangels garments are timeless, qualitative and trendy. And you'll have to admit it: who doesn't want to wear clothes that give you (angel) wings?


German fashion brand Armedangels was founded in Cologne in 2007 by two friends. Armedangels produces and sells clothing that meets the highest ethical and ecological standards. With its cutting-edge designs, Armedangels aims to change the image of sustainable clothing from boring, old-fashioned and hippie-like to funky, chic streetwear. Woohoo!

And the brand is doing so with success. the Armedangels apparel is now for sale in six European countries and on the brand's own webshop. Natalie Portman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore support the brand and the German press calls them eco warriors who want to save the world. Not bad, right?

Armedangels considers itself to be the Robin Hood of the fashion industry: an armed angel who takes up the fight against injustice and who turns words into deeds. Amen to that!

Oh, and the corporate philosophy of Armedangels? It is based on three pillars:

- Environmental responsibility: being good for the environment

- Ethical responsibility: Honest trade
- Social responsibility: donating to charities

Eco: from needle to thread?

And how eco is Armedangels, huh? Very eco, we can tell you that right now!

Responsibility for environmental issues is a necessity - and not an option - according to Armedangels.

Armedangels uses organic cotton, organic wool, LENZING™ ECOVERO™, recycled PET bottles, organic linen and TENCEL™ Lyocell for its clothing.

Yes, of course you can say that, Armedangels. I can hear you thinking it.

But Armedangels is very transparent and has its production process closely monitored.

A great place to work?

Armedangels produces its clothing in Portugal and Turkey. Coats are made in China. The brand regularly checks the labour conditions itself.

The larger the brand becomes, the more positive the impact it has on the lives of the local workers and merchants with whom it works.

Armedangels communicates very openly about this too: the brand keeps a travel diary of its visits to textile factories, cotton plantations and other suppliers.

Whether it's a cotton farmer in India, a seamstress in Turkey or one of the designers in Germany, Armedangels claims to make a distinction between people and to pay each employee a fair wage.

The entire brand is GOTS certified for all its garments!

Overall / short

Trendy fair wear with international flair. Without bow and arrow, but Robin Hood in heart and soul. And in every single outfit.

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