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Looking for a sustainably made classic shirt? Then stop your search here! Amsterdam-based brand Archivist upcycles sheets from luxury hotels into beautiful white and colored shirts. An essential in everyone's closet!

Archivist was founded by Eugenie Haitsma Mulier and Johannes Offerhaus after a night under the sheets of a luxury hotel in London. The founders of the brand wondered what actually happens to that high-quality material from the hotel world... They found out that some 10 million kilos of luxury hotel linen from Europe end up on the garbage heap every year. They thought things could be different.

Since 2019, they have been making genderless and timeless shirts from the highest quality materials such as Egyptian cotton.

Ethical & short supply chain

All of Archivist's pieces are ethically produced in a family-owned studio in Romania. All fabrics come from luxury hotels in Amsterdam (Waldorf Astoria), London, and Romania. When the white sheets are dyed, this is also done in Romania. This way they keep the supply chain as local as possible and because of the small-scale production they have a good overview of the working conditions!


All of Archivist's clothing is made from discarded luxury hotel sheets. Usually, these are made of high-quality Egyptian cotton. Because the fibers of Egyptian cotton are long, they are very strong and soft, perfect properties for shirts!

Archivist's partner hotels collect their textiles and send them to Archivist studio, where they go through quality control and professional cleaning, then the fabrics go to Romania for production. The fabrics that do not pass Archivist's quality control are used for collaborations with artists and friendly designers. The shirts are then dyed or plastered with other leftover fabrics to create unique pieces. Nothing is wasted!

The clothing is stitched with cotton thread and the buttons are mother of pearl.

Animal Welfare

The buttons are made from mother of pearl, which comes from the inside of shells. Because of this, Archivist is not completely vegan but they come close!

Circular Economy

Archivist is a very circular company! They use fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfills and turn them into quality new garments. This way, the hotel sheets can last another round and because of the quality and timelessness, you can wear the clothes for a long time too.

Slow Fashion

Archivist's philosophy is to make conscious consumption a habit and create a movement that lets people celebrate conscious indulgence in the form of high-quality, sustainable, timeless, seasonal, and genderless garments.

The brand frames itself perfectly in the slow fashion picture with that timeless design, they make true wardrobe essentials! Not only the design but also the quality contributes to the fact that you can enjoy your Archivist piece for many years.

Besides shirts Archivist also has boxer shorts and soon they will expand their collection with pajamas, stay tuned!


Archivist passionately explains the collection and production process. However, the exact hotels from which the hotel sheets come and the factory in Romania are unknown. In terms of transparency, the brand can therefore still grow.

So, are you looking for a nice durable, quality, basic and versatile shirt? Then be sure to check out Archivist's beautiful upcycled offerings.

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