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Do you love statement jewelry that gives your outfit an extra edge? Then you've come to the right place. Ann Cox is a Belgian jewelry designer who is crazy about glass and color and gives a second life to glass tubes from the light bulb industry with her unique glass jewelry. In addition to necklaces and earrings, discover other accessories such as colorful brooches, eyeglass necklaces, bracelets, rings, and much more.

Ann Cox is always looking for innovative, creative ideas and finds her inspiration in everyday things. The designer is passionate about color and offers her designs in no less than 35 colors. So you will always find a jewel that perfectly matches your new dress, shoes or jacket. In addition, with the glow in the dark jewelry from Ann Cox you are guaranteed to steal the show in the nightlife.

Ethical & Short Supply Chain

All Ann Cox creations are handmade in Belgium, in her own atelier located in Antwerp, Berchem. As a result, you can be sure that the jewelry is made in an ethical way, and with your purchase you are supporting a local entrepreneur.


Ann Cox often uses existing materials in her designs. For example, the glass tubes come from the light bulb industry. Here, the tubes were used to pull the air out of the bulbs. In addition, the designer also uses surplus from a nearby glass studio to create new designs. Ann Cox also blows glass herself for some creations. These designs are always a touch different resulting in unique creations.

The threads in the jewelry are polyester and are produced in Vietnam. Although this material is made from crude oil, it is a sturdy material. This sturdiness is definitely needed for the jewelry and ensures that the glass jewelry will last longer.

Circular Economy

Belgian jewelry brand Ann Cox regularly uses existing materials and thereby engages in upcycling. As a result, the brand fits perfectly within the circular economy. Moreover, the jewelry is 100% recyclable. Glass can be recycled endlessly and the threads of 100% polyester are also perfectly recyclable.

Slow Fashion

The jewelry from the permanent collection is not seasonal and very timeless. Ann also works largely made-to-order and thus also combats overproduction.

Designer Ann Cox does not shy away from a challenge and also creates custom jewelry. Do you have an idea for a unique piece of jewelry that is tailor-made for you? Book an appointment with the designer.

Is a tube broken? Ann Cox also offers a repair service for her jewelry. Together with you, she will look for an appropriate solution, so that you can enjoy your jewelry as long as possible. The jewelry brand is also committed to the slow fashion principle.

Want to shine with the colorful pieces from Belgian jewelry designer Ann Cox? Check out the brand's outlets below:

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