“Hi, it’s Romy. Copywriter, content creator and blogger. I started blogging when I was 11 years old and I’ve covered many topics ever since. But eco-consciousness had always been present in my story: even when I was 11, I had a category called “Eco Chic” on my website!

Today, I like to spread the word about making the right buying decisions and educate my audience about how to do that. With my blog I want to inspire people to live more consciously and to stand still. With themselves, but also with the choices they make and the impact they have on the world.

Although my passion is beauty, clothing plays a big part in this as well. How we dress ourselves is a reflection of who we are and choosing what to wear is an everyday ritual. Why not do it more consciously?

The brand new platform COSH! has made ecological and sustainable shopping a lot easier for us by creating a guide where you can find the best conscious shops and brands based on your needs, style, location and budget. Looking for sustainable denim? An eco-friendly pair of winter boots? Or an ethically manufactured hand bag? It’s all been made easy. “