Martina Novàkovà:

"I am on a relentless mission to find out how to do this 'post fast fashion' life."

My conscious fashion journey started more than three years ago when I randomly came across The True Cost documentary on one streaming platform. After watching the heart-breaking story of the garment factory worker called Shima - who happened to be the very same age as I was - I couldn't otherwise but never buy any fast fashion piece anymore. Someone somewhere was paying too high of a price for my 'innocent' shopping sprees that wasn't worth another 'must-have' t-shirt in my overflowing closet.

From that moment on, I was on a relentless mission to find out how to do this 'post fast fashion' life. Even though I didn't label myself a shopaholic before going fair, this sudden change of my shopping habits was somehow more difficult than I first envisioned - especially when I tried to stay on a fresh graduate budget (hashtag the struggle is real).

Realizing that this conscious fashion lifestyle can be sometimes darn hard, I launched the platform @WithFairFlair to share my honest view on this rewarding yet challenging journey of going fair in all possible areas of my life - not only in fashion.

By now, we probably all know what the fast fashion industry looks like behind closed doors. The burning issue that we are facing every day is how to translate this painful awareness into a hopeful action. In all fairness, it's still far more convenient (and too cheap) to pop in a popular fast fashion store on our way home than to tenaciously scout what sustainable brands are worthy of our hard earned money. That is why I am so keen on supporting COSH! This savvy online tool brings down all the unhandy walls that we have to hop over to shop the sustainable way. No lengthy research required, COSH! has done it for you. With this little helper literally at hand, you are now able to make conscious decisions on the go, hassle-free.

Sign up and try it for yourself, shopping fair is now that easy!