Emilia Cantero:

'Every euro we spend is a vote for what we buy.'

Hey! I’m born in Argentina and I grew up in Ghent. Here I studied Economy, where I learned about circular economy. It was a real eye-opener to understand that our "linear" lifestyle had a negative impact, and that circular economy can offer a solution.

I also understood that we can all "vote" with our money. Every euro we spend is a vote for what we buy. If we buy fast fashion, we will vote for unfair working conditions. Do we buy fair trade? Then we vote for fair trade. We can all make a positive impact.

I have since started doing a lot of research to better understand how I can live "circularly", "ecologically" or "zero-waste". I started going to informative events, congresses, talking to pioneers and experts. At a certain point I had so much information that I wanted to share it with others who were also looking for it. This is how the Eco Lifestyle Tours started!

The Eco Lifestyle Tour is discovery trip through the eco-life of Ghent, Antwerp or Brussels. I guide a group of participants to various eco-addresses, such as zero-waste shops, fair fashion, natural care and creative ateliers. Moreover, they meet the entrepreneurs and pioneers behind these to ask all their questions. The participants go back home full of inspiration! For more info: www.mixua.be

I support COSH because today it is very difficult to know if the clothes we buy are sustainable and fairtrade. The fashion industry is not transparent at all and the fashion brands that want to change this are still small and often difficult to find. COSH helps us to find these, so that we save time and can invest in what we believe in.

Do you also want to be more sustainable with clothes and its makers? Then subscribe to COSH! 😊