Eline Reynders:

"COSH! is a great facilitator in a world that is unfortunately still dominated by fast fashion.But no more excuses: let's make a change together!"

"Hello there! My name is Eline Reynders: chatterbox, fulltime content marketer and passionate blogger from Limburg. The most important angle for my blog (which is now 6 years old) and Instagram has always been fashion. But the more I got into the subject, the more I thought about the origins of all those beautiful clothes: are they actually as "beautiful" as we think they are? How and by whom are they made? What is the impact on our world? At the end of 2017, thanks to the documentary The True Cost, I discovered that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. Something snapped in my head. Since then, I didn't want to make any concessions: I only buy clothing that has been produced in an environmentally friendly and ethically responsible way.

The reason for my choice is a triptych. On the one hand, I want to oppose today's disposable culture, because we live in a materialistic society that makes us buy things unnecessarily. (Did you know that an average garment is worn 7 times? Say what?!) On the other hand, I don't want to support an industry that ensures that child labour and exploitation are still a reality. Respect for our fellow human beings is for me the most important thing. Of course, the environment also benefits when we buy long lasting garments that are made under responsible conditions.

Why did I immediately become happy when I heard about COSH!? Well, the average consumer isn't very well informed about (sustainable) fashion today. Many people think that expensive brands are automatically more responsible than the cheaper chains. In most cases absolutely wrong. Even though we are not allowed to point the finger. It is mainly the clothing chains that have to communicate in a much more transparent way, so that the consumer knows what he is buying. A platform such as COSH! solves this problem in the blink of an eye. It is a great facilitator for those who want to consciously look for honest brands."