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If you are looking for technical and highly functional outdoor clothing for daily commutes or tough mountain treks, Vaude Gent is the place for you. 
The staff are happy to share their passion for sport and will to help you in your search for the right gear. Customer satisfaction comes first here.
The Ghent shop offers a wide range of cycling clothing and accessories for commuters, but if you saw a different item or colour online, they will bring it to the shop for you free of charge. The range is further complemented by some accessories from other eco-friendly brands.

Making outdoor clothing sustainable and fair is no easy task because synthetic fabrics are very often required to get the right technicality. But Vaude's mission is to produce as ecologically and ethically responsible as possible.

They do this by communicating very transparently on their website about every sustainable step they take, but also by being realistic about the steps they still need to take. For instance, they are Fair Wear Leader, which guarantees ethical working conditions, and they have their own Green Shape label and the Green Button label, with which they want to encourage other brands to start taking more sustainable steps.

Do you enjoy spending time in nature and want quality gear that does as little harm to the planet as possible? Then be sure to take a look at Vaude Gent.

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