Oh my! Sustainability?

I already sell some sustainable brands, but I'm not sure about other brands...

Sustainability. We are all talking about it.
The number of people who want to live more sustainably is growing enormously.
Are you ready to support them?

I already sell some brands that I know are sustainable, but I'm not sure about others...


I have a sustainable and honestly produced range of brands, but I'm not sure how to communicate about it...

We can hear you say it. Finding sustainable clothing brands, it's not easy.

Not every brand is equally transparent about its ecological and ethical efforts. Some are vegan, others avoid micro-plastics in their products and others ensure that workers in their textile factories receive a minimum wage. Are all these brands sustainable? And how do you communicate this correctly in your varied offer?

No single brand meets all the sustainability criteria. And ultimately, it is your selection that determines the style and price category of your shop, adapted to your customers.

So how can you and your team communicate correctly about the sustainability of a brand? And how do you do that to an empowered consumer who was already doing research himself?

COSH! is making sustainability easy for you and your customers!

COSH! provides customers with up-to-date information on the sustainability of the brands in your shop.

Are there only a few, or just a lot? It doesn't matter. You help your customer according to his style and budget in his choice of sustainable fashion.

New customers discover your shop.

An increasing number of consumers are opting for sustainable clothing.

By searching on the COSH! platform, they get to know new brands and shops - such as your shop. The personalised shopping route will take them to your doorstep, if they want to.
Niki is also happy to advise you
on the sustainable brands that suit your customers and shop.

TLDR: Do you sell sustainable clothing brands? COSH! can save you the costs of a large campaign to attract new customers. And less costs also means less risk. This will enable you to invest more in sustainable brands. This is what our COSH! users are really looking for.

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Ready to let conscious shoppers discover your shop?

Ready for conscious shoppers to discover your shop?

COSH! is THE start-up in sustainable fashion tech.

And you can become a member of the group of retailers who choose sustainable fashion.

Throughout the Corona epidemic COSH wants to aid all sustainable fashion stores free of charge. You can register your shop on COSH! or contact us by using the form below.

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