Have you always wanted to know more about sustainable fashion? B. Right and COSH! will show you the best shops for sustainable fashion and explain to you the fundamentals of sustainable shopping so you can make your own conscious choices. Find out which shops, brands and craftsmen in your city are contributing to a better world. The shops are selected following an extensive analysis of the sustainability of their brands. B.Right will inspire you to search for an honest wardrobe with a smaller footprint.

On the agenda

-Reception with coffee or tea

-Inspirational information session about sustainable fashion

-Sustainable shopping checklist and discount vouchers

-Tour including 4-5 sustainable fashion shops


Data and practical information

The next shopping tour takes place in Bruges on 9 oktober (during the Fair Trade Week). This is an annual campaign that puts fair trade and fair trade products in the spotlight in an original way throughout Belgium. During the tour, Niki de Schryver (founder of COSH!) will take you along several sustainable fashion and lifestyle shops.

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Dates for tours with B.Right as your guide can be booked with the button below. Discover COSH! stores in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent!

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About us

B.Right believes in mindful fashion i.e. buying smart to increase your impact on the fashion industry. Not only smart for people or the environment, but also smart for your looks and your body. Your own choices determine how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside. B.Right offers you insights and gives you the tools to make independent choices without being influenced by advertising or other people’s opinions. Be bright. Be right. It is possible...to be radiant and fashionable, without harming people or the environment. Founder Bie Noé herself was inspired by sustainable fashion 7 years ago. She strongly believes that as consumers you can create a positive impact by making the right choices. That’s why Bie has been organising sustainable fashion tours for 3.5 years now.

Online platform COSH! makes sustainable shopping easy. With a team of 4 employees, they conduct daily research into brands, trends and new sustainable players in order to provide you with accurate information. Founder Niki de Schryver knows the fashion industry inside out. With experience in sustainable fashion supply chains, online marketing and omni-channel retail, she has been actively contributing to a sustainable shift within the fashion world for a long time. She worked for Belgian designer Bruno Pieters, did the research for and contributed to the transparency model for Honest By, and as a freelance consultant she advised sustainable fashion brands including Go as U R, Eva Maria, Pure by Luce and Studio Ama.

Strengthened by a common goal to make consumers more aware of the origins and impact of their clothing, COSH.eco and B.Right are now joining forces. By working together, they hope to make it even easier for consumers to choose sustainable fashion, within their budget and style.

Lectures and consultancy

Bie Noé (B.Right) and Niki de Schryver (COSH.eco) also give lectures and workshops on sustainable fashion for larger groups.

You can also take part in B.Right’s 21 days wardrobe programme individually where you’ll learn to put together a stylish and smart wardrobe.

COSH.eco also advises brands and shops on their sustainable collections and e-commerce. Niki will happily give you one-on-one guidance for all aspects of your sustainable fashion venture: from pricing strategies to sourcing and marketing.

Privacy Statement

Anyone who signs up for the guided fashion tours will automatically be signed up to both B.Right and COSH.eco’s sustainable fashion inspiration mailing lists. You are free to unsubscribe at any time. Your details will not be shared with third parties.