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Xacus only works with cotton grown on the banks of the River Nile which adheres to European agricultural standards. This cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals to protect the environment and our health. Many brands use organic cotton, but Xacus uses special Egyptian cotton which has an organic certification as it is grown in much smaller quantities and is harder to obtain.

This long-fibre cotton can only grow in specific areas, such as the banks of the Nile. By shopping at Xacus, you’re buying top quality fabric which uses the temperature of the body to shape itself around the body and avoid creases.


Xacus does not use GMOs (genetically modified organisms). This ultimately means greater financial independence for the farmers who can keep a hold of the seeds and don’t need to interact with big greedy companies. Each Xacus cotton bale has a certificate which allows you to trace it back to the farm where it was grown and harvested. Certificates also allow the entire production cycle to be traced, from spinning to the final product.

However, we would like to know where the cotton is woven into poplin or batiste, which companies are involved and how exactly the local production takes place. We’ll find out for you.


For their shirts and t-shirts, Xacus uses a 3D-printed stretchy fabric made from old fishing nets found on the seabed. This fabric is very airy and retains its quality and shape after years of washing!

We noticed a lot of plastic buttons though on clothes so we will find out how Xacus ensures their clothes are recyclable.

Slow Fashion

Xacus has many timeless pieces on offer. In fact, part of their collection is always available. This is good because it means there is no rush to sell everything at the end of each season. Their timeless pieces, such as their beautiful white shirts, keep their quality over the years.

Head to Machteld and order your made-to-measure Xacus shirt. Choose the cut, sleeve length, collar, fabric and buttons and create the shirt from your dreams perfectly tailored to you!

Xacus offers you timeless Italian clothing made from the highest quality materials.

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