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At the Belgian clothing brand Wright you can find quality, timeless women's clothing. The garments are perfectly combinable and easy to wear at home or to work. The brand was founded 5 years ago and currently consists of a team of 4 collaborators. Wright does not put forward one designer but feels it is important that the whole team gets recognition for their work. Wright's beautiful coats, stylish dresses, tops and sweaters are all made with love and craftsmanship. At Wright you will find top quality from size 34 to size 46.


Behind Wright is a sustainable philosophy. The team thinks it's a waste to let fabrics, buttons or zippers go to waste and always opts for the best quality. The fabrics are sourced from Italy, Portugal, Greece and France, where the brand works with small family businesses. To minimize fabric surplus, Wright makes at least 4 to 5 pieces from the same material.

Good maintenance and longevity is paramount at Wright. That's why you'll find a mix of materials in the clothing. For example, the cotton pieces are made up of 96% cotton and 4% elastane to facilitate stretch and comfort. At COSH, we are normally fans of garments made from 1 material so that it is easier to recycle the fabrics afterwards. But clothes that fit well and last a long time are also more sustainable. With woolen sweaters, it is necessary to use a blend of materials, to make the sweater less heavy and thus keep its shape. So don't worry if you find polyester or polyamide in your wool sweater.


The stylish female clothing is stitched in Romania, Ukraine and Macedonia. The factories are under their own management and provide fair employment to 45 workers. Wright also imparts their vision of waste sorting to their employees. To guarantee quality and good working conditions, the factories are regularly audited by an independent company.

Slow fashion business model

Wright's quality fabrics last for multiple seasons. Both summer and winter collection pieces can be worn throughout the year. Moreover, 35% of the collection made is always brought back into the new collection and also the own webshop is not soldered. In this way, the brand opts for a slow fashion approach.

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