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Werfzeep is an artisanal, organic soap-making company based in Utrecht. In their offer you will find handmade soaps for your skin, hair and household. The soaps have a wide choice of scents thanks to the organic plant extracts, essential oils and herbs used in them. Werfzeep was created in 2009, and since then has always worked with high-quality organic ingredients.


The soap workshop is located in the heart of Utrecht. Here, all soaps are handmade by the permanent Werfzeep team. Because Werfzeep produces everything itself locally in the Netherlands, we can be sure that this happens in good and ethical conditions.

Planet & Ingredients

Werfzeep sets high standards for the ingredients they work with. Only organic ingredients that meet food safety standards are used.

The base of each soap always consists of vegetable oils and all the base fats and essential oils used by Werfzeep are certified organic. Among the basic fats Werfzeep uses are argan oil, olive oil and almond oil. These oils have a nourishing effect on your skin and hair. The Dutch soap brand does not use palm oil. This is because the palm oil industry is causing massive deforestation worldwide, threatening the habitats of many animals.

All soaps are also free of harmful chemicals such as sulfates. All classic shampoos and shower gels today contain sulfates. These chemicals dry out your scalp, and make your hair grow slower by absorbing the natural oils on your scalp. In addition, sulfates are also extremely bad for the environment, affecting life in our waterways.

For the scents and extracts in the soaps, Werfzeep uses various herbs that are grown locally. The brand grows and harvests several ingredients itself in their organic herb garden and in the Wickenburgh forest: a private nature reserve near Utrecht. Other ingredients come from local producers, for example the honey from beekeeper De Oase.

Not only the ingredients of the soaps are sustainable, also in the production process Werfzeep keeps their ecological impact as small as possible. The soaps are produced using the cold process method. This means that no high temperatures are used. This way the cold-pressed oils come out best. After cutting, the soap blocks lie to dry for 6 weeks before they are packaged for sale. This method ensures better quality in the soaps and is energy efficient.

In short, with Werfzeep's natural shampoo and shower gel you protect the environment and choose healthy skin and hair care.


Werfzeep operates completely plastic-free. The packaging is made of recycled paper.

Therefore, the entire packaging is completely reusable.

Short chain

Werfzeep makes all the soaps in their own workshop in Utrecht. Also many ingredients are grown and harvested by Werfzeep themselves in their soap herb garden or nearby forest. The short chain ensures that few transports are needed. The distance from the production site to your bathroom is kept as short as possible. And thanks to the collaboration with the Fietskoerier, Werfzeep ships part of their orders completely CO2 neutral!

Some of the ingredients are not local, because these more exotic plants cannot be grown in the Netherlands. For example, avocado oil comes from Kenya, argan oil comes from Morocco and bergamot is grown in Italy.


Most of the soaps are completely plant-based and vegan, only the honey soap, honey shampoo and savannah soap are not. The honey in the first two products comes from local, organically certified beekeeper De Oase. The honey used in the savanna soap comes from the Sahel region.


Werfzeep is a "slow" personal care brand. The soaps are made in an artisanal way and each one is unique. Because they are robust soap blocks, you can generally use them longer than you can use a soap bottle or shampoo from the drugstore. This makes Werfzeep sustainable in use.

The soaps have a natural look, thanks to natural ingredients in them and because no extra dyes are added.

You can also subscribe to Werfzeep! With an annual subscription, you will receive a box of soaps every three months. You can discover the whole range this way!


Werfzeep is very transparent. The brand shares information about every ingredient in their soaps. In addition, they also publish a book that includes all the soap recipes and information about the workshop.

Would you like natural soap for yourself or to give as a gift? Then the collection of Werfzeep is definitely worth a look. On the map below you can find where the soaps are for sale.

Where to buy Werfzeep?


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