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Vaicana is more than a conscious fashion brand for women in the corporate world, it is also the place where fashion, science and culture come together to create a unique and vibrant ecosystem. From social and environmental sustainability, they are committed to creating a feminine, timeless, comfortable and quality style, so that we can dress with our values.

Maria is the founder of Vaicana. She has always loved fashion and has been self-taught since she was a child when it comes to creating her own clothes. When she joined the world of work as a sales technician, she realised how difficult it was to find feminine, youthful, timeless clothes with style and personality, that supported sustainable fashion and that were comfortable for a professional environment in which women are increasingly present, such as engineering and industry. That is why she decided to create her own sustainable and conscious brand, to pick up those pieces of the puzzle that did not fit, and to bring her philosophy of life to a project to share with many more women who feel the same way.


They work with KM0 suppliers and national distributors to promote the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint related to transport.

They manufacture in a workshop specialising in professional, elegant and responsible clothing in Madrid. This allows them to be present at all times to ensure the quality of their garments and a close, comfortable and communicative relationship with the people who make their clothes.

In addition, they allocate part of their profits to finance social projects related to three areas that they consider essential for a fair and equitable life for all: water, education and energy.


Maria, founder of Vaicana, is a materials and energy engineer and is very focused on the quality of the garments. For this reason, one of the phases that Vaicana takes great care of is the search for sustainable fabrics.

Most of their garments are made with curpo and viscose or curpo, a fabric made from cotton or cellulose waste. In addition, it is a breathable fabric, and a great regulator of body temperature. Thanks to this, its texture is pleasant, it is very comfortable to wear, and its nature is to contribute to sustainability.

The fabric they use is 100% Vegan Certified, which ensures that the fabric has not been created with the help of animals or products derived from animals, and OEKO-TEX, which verifies that there are no harmful substances either in textiles or in the manufacturing stages of a given product.

They also use fabrics such as 100% organic cotton with GOTS certification, or tweed, a wool fabric with Global Recycled Standard certification, which certifies by third parties of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.

Without a doubt, at Vaicana they take the time to find the ideal fabrics for each garment and ensure that both the company and the materials meet their standards of traceability, social and environmental commitment.


One of their objectives is to break with the traditional linear economic model of "use once and throw away".

They are committed to reducing waste as much as possible and to reusing all surpluses by giving them a new use. From the production process of the garments to the ecological design of their packaging, based on the reuse of all the elements that compose it (labels, bags, etc.).

In addition, they design their garments in 3D to reduce waste from failed prototypes, and reuse the fabric scraps generated in the cutting process to create new products.

Short chain

Most of their suppliers and distributors are national, to promote the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint related to transport.

Although the first collection was manufactured in Poland, with the usual workshop of their pattern maker, they have changed the workshop to be in line with their values, such as the proximity of suppliers, convenience and good communication.

Currently, the clothes are made in a workshop in Madrid. This allows them to be present at all times to ensure the quality of our garments, so we can say that Vaicana's supply chain is short.

Animal welfare

Most of their fabrics carry the EVU V-Label certification.

Fabrics carrying this certification are 100% vegan, i.e. they are fabrics that do not contain animals or animal parts, i.e. they have not been created with the help of live animals or animal by-products. This takes into account all stages of production and processing.

Slow fashion & Longevity

Vaicana's aim is to make our lives easier and more fun. They create timeless designs that never go out of fashion.

They create garments by varying their colour, focusing on developing patterns that stylise the figure and that, with the right fabric, allow for a chromatic variety that offers an infinite number of opportunities and combinations.

With this, they manage to create unique collections, where they ensure the quality, durability and comfort of all the garments.


Vaicana shares a lot of information on the product page of each garment. You can even find their cost transparency, i.e. the full calculation of how much it costs to produce a garment.

In addition, María has shared with the COSH! team the provenance of all the materials and fabrics used in their collections, as well as the names of their suppliers.

For all these reasons, we can assure you that Vaicana is a very transparent brand.

Are you looking for feminine, timeless and sustainable garments without compromising on professionalism and social commitment? Then Vaicana is the perfect brand for you!

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