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Zero Waste handbags

Statie Twee transforms forgotten leather scraps into modern and stylish accessories.

Statie Twee?

It all started with a forgotten piece of leather and two women on a mission. In 2017 Jamila Boujouh and Laura Van Den Noortgate founded Statie Twee. Both of them wanted to do something about the growing mountain of textile waste. In order to reduce that mountain little by little, they decided to make handbags out of remnants of leather, fabric and wood.

And what about Mother Nature?

Whether the materials themselves are chrome or vegetal tanned, one doesn’t know when you buy leather remnants. Because it is waste, there can always be a less sustainable material among the pile. This does not make the brand less sustainable for COSH! The fact that an entire accessory consists of recycled materials, seems to be very forward-thinking to us.

Who made your purse?

Everything is made by Jamila and Laura in their open-studio in Berchem. All handbags are only made by the two women and we at COSH! admire them!


Do you think it's a shame that high-quality leather is left unused? Help the circular economy and buy a handbag from Statie Twee.


Statie Twee Zwart lederen tas uit restleder
Statie Twee Rode handtas uit restleder COSH Belgisch ontwerp
Statie Twee Lederen handtas groen COSH
Statie Twee zwart lederen handtas CO Sh
Statie Twee Oranje lederen handtas
Statie Twee rode lederen handtas Jamila Boujouh

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