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Seron is a creative brand full of colour designed to create accessories, complements and gifts that make you feel something special. The three words that best identify Seron are creative, dreamy and strong.

Founded by Noelia in 2018, at Seron, they produce everyday accessories that do not deteriorate over time thanks to the use of a special material called PLA, and each collection is inspired by a particular theme.


Near Valencia there is a small workshop in a village called Castelló de Rugat, in the Valencian Community. There, Noelia, a very dreamy and creative woman, creates very original jewellery, gifts and accessories. She does this with the help of her trusted 3D printer, Margarita.

From the design, to the production phase and the finishing touches, everything is made by Noelia, with comfort and sustainability in mind.

The raw material to make Seron's products comes from a national company pioneer in developing environmentally sustainable 3D printing materials, putting into action the concept of a circular economy and giving rise to 3D printing filaments with the same mechanical and technical properties of the original raw material.


All accessories are made by 3D printing and a material called PLA is used. This is a biodegradable material derived from natural and renewable raw materials such as corn. Mixed with stainless steel, it produces accessories that are not only beautiful and durable, but also environmentally friendly.


Did you know that you can give a second life to the boxes you receive with your earrings?

At Seron they know that packaging is very important, as it makes a good impression and is a very cool experience. But, what happens afterwards with these boxes?

Seron boxes are designed to be reused! You can reuse the box to create a bag to store socks in the underwear drawer, to store small objects, to keep the bathroom drawer tidy and for many more options.

Short chain

Seron has a very short production chain. The raw material PLA to make the pieces is from a national supplier, and the whole creation process from the design to the finishing phase, is done in their own workshop near Valencia.

Animal welfare

Seron is a 100% vegan brand, as it does not use animal ingredients or materials. Some of the threads used for its bracelets are not made of leather, but of nylon, a highly resistant and long-lasting material.

Slow Fashion & Longevity

All Seron collections are colourful, whatever the season. One of the main factors of the pieces is that they are lightweight, so you can wear them all day long without noticing them.

In addition, Seron pieces are very durable and easy to care for. Forget about having to take care of them from water and cleaning them constantly so they don't rust. You can wear your earrings at the beach, at the pool and even in the shower! And they won't get damaged or lose their colour.

This is mainly due to their materials: PLA and stainless steel. A combination of materials that creates unique, durable, eco-friendly and allergy-free earrings and accessories.


Seron is a transparent brand. The COSH! team spoke to the founder of the brand and we can assure you that Seron is very transparent about its working methods and the creation of its pieces, something that we at COSH! admire very much.

Looking for a creative and colourful piece for your everyday life? Seron is the perfect place!

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