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Underwear and basics from Eucalyptus

Saint Basics is extremely transparent. They want to change the world bottom-up. They aim to bring positive change to the textile industry, reduce waste and unfair trade, and increase consumer and worker happiness. They believe all workers are entitled to happy, healthy and safe work places and fair wages. Saint Basics are 95% more eco-friendly than conventional products. And 100% free from nasty chemicals, sweatshops, child labour and unfair trade.

From cotton to eucalytus

At Saint Basics, they’d like to help you start every day with a basic good feeling about yourself and the choices you make. That’s why they make super-soft basics from natural fabrics like eucalyptus. Their products are anti-bacterial and will keep you fresh for days! So you can wear them longer, wash less and still smell good. Saint Basics used to work with GOTS-certified organic cotton from the Aydin region in West Turkey, on the Aegean coast. But as eucalyptus is much more eco-friendly than cotton, they remove more and more cotton products from their collection, to make way for new and improved eucalyptus versions.

The eucalyptus fibre they use in their underwear is 95% Tencel® lyocell, 5% elastane from sustainable foresting in South-Africa, turned into fibres at Lenzing Austria, spun into yarn and then circular knit into textiles in Barcelos. Barcelo's is Portugal's prime location for textile manufacturing and also the location of the sewing production plant.

This way they get super soft undies and basics with the shortest supply chain possible.
Note: The factory in Portugal is even looking into the development for a new biodegradable version of elasthane! How awesome will that be?

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