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Sustainable sportswear for real woman!

Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option, we 're #2.
So: sport naked. Or choose Reformation.


Reformation started in 2009 and is an American brand that - duh! - makes ecologically responsible clothing.

Reformation designs for real women. The designers think about how and when women will wear their clothes and - not unimportantly - how they can be recycled afterwards. Awesome!

That's why Reformation divides its clothing into five categories, based on the raw materials they use for it, but even though in their material tabel they state recycled polyester classifies as E (see Reformation Clothing) they do use it (as do other sustainable sportswear brands) for their workout leggings and tops!

A great place to work?

Reformation's management team consists of 75% women or people from under-represented groups. Yeah!

Reformation designs and produces most of its exclusive (and often limited) collections in downtown City of Angels: Los Angeles. As much as 79% of all clothing is produced in the US. The rest of the production takes place in low-wage countries, but there Reformation strives to pay workers and merchants the minimum wage.

Overall / short

Sustainable sportswear. For women who want to play sports with a smaller ecological footprint!


Reformation sportswear in recycled polyester plussize sportswear
Reformation sportswear yogawear in recycled polyester
Reformation sportswear made in the us
R Eformation sportswear in recycled pet bottles