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Nothing new, 100% recycled

Pleun Pijnenburg designs clothes inspired by the fabric she collects second hand. Vintage curtains, duvet covers or tablecloths are often transformed into new, colourful creations.

In this way, everything is made consciously and with as little ecological footprint as possible. In her collection, each piece is handmade from 100% recycled material and unique in its kind. This designer also works on commission. Sometimes only a zipper or sewing thread is bought new, but usually these are also upcycled. By customizing products and making them to order, she will never suffer from overproduction. By listening to the customer's wishes and making something special and unique, Pleun hopes to create a timeless and perfect fit.

Circularity is maintained by taking back worn or broken clothing and leasing is possible. She does both the design and the production herself. For a large order, she works under fair conditions with local producers. Pijnenburg prefers to produce for local customers in order to reduce transport emissions.

In summary
Sustainability in fashion is not a debate for her, but a must. Sustainable production is the only way forward!


Pleun Pijnenburg COSH weddingdress 3 Pleun Pijnenburg
Pleun Pijnenburg COSH pantsuit 6 Pleun Pijnenburg
Pleun Pijnenburg COSH vintage suit 2 Pleun Pijnenburg
Pleun Pijnenburg COSH three piece gypsy 5 Pleun Pijnenburg
Pleun Pijnenburg COSH eveningdress 1 Pleun Pijnenburg