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Durable made-to-measure clothing

The time when clothes were still made to measure seems far away. But not for Panter & Schaap. They take your wishes to heart and give you that perfectly fitting and durable garment in no time.

Panter & Schaap?

A tailor who works sustainably? Yes, indeed. How does that work? You first choose a basic design, then you give them your measurements and wishes, and Panter & Schaap will do all the sewing. It was originally an independent company, specialized in design, production and styling for photography and video. In 2017 it made the switch to a slow fashion brand. Panter & Schaap, based in Rotterdam, makes timeless garments that last for years. How unique they are, is up to you!

Made with love for nature

Panter & Schaap works with GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled wool for their clothing. When producing the clothing, the brand pays close attention to the quality of the garment. For them, better quality automatically means a longer life. Panter & Schaap avoids the use of plastic in all aspects of the production process. Even at the head office in Rotterdam, the staff do not drink from bottles, but from tap water. The coffee and tea are also from fairtrade-certified brands.

Honest to mankind

The slow fashion brand gets its textile in Germany, but all the sewing is done in the studio in Rotterdam. Panter & Schaap is also honest with its customers. Transparency is very important for the clothing brand. Consumers know where their fabrics come from, how they are made and how they are shipped.


Is your own tailor not so environmentally conscious? Make the switch to Panter & Schaap. Then you will not only dress uniquely, but also sustainably.


PANTERSCHAAP COSH item1 Amarens Van Herpen
PANTERSCHAAP COSH prototype1 Amarens Van Herpen
PANTERSCHAAP COSH softprototype1 Amarens Van Herpen
PANTERSCHAAP COSH softprototype2 Amarens Van Herpen