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Sensual, minimalist and stylish underwear is what you will find at Opaque. This German brand not only has an eye for style but also for comfort. What's more, everything is made in Europe!


The collection is designed in Düsseldorf, Germany, by a small design team. The manufacturer is based in Romania and run by women. What’s more, the company employs mainly female workers.

Opaak has an established relationship with their manufacturer and therefore regularly visits them on site. In this way, Opaak has a direct influence on the production process and working conditions. Moreover, the manufacturer is a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), an initiative of companies committed to improving working conditions in their global supply chain.

Opaak also holds the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate. This certificate verifies the use of organic cotton throughout the production process. In addition to the strict standards on environmental impact and chemical use, this certificate also sets requirements for working conditions.


Opaak only uses materials sourced from European manufacturers. The brand says it mainly uses recycled materials and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Only a small part of the collection uses cotton and it’s always organic cotton, meaning no pesticides and insecticides are used. Also, less water is needed for it to grow and the fibre is harvested by hand to emit less CO2.

However, most of their designs are made from synthetic materials such as polyamide, elastane and polyester. These materials are unfortunately made from petroleum in a chemical manufacturing process. There is also a high risk with these fabrics of microplastics being released while the clothes are being washed. You can prevent this by using a Guppyfriend, a laundry bag that collects microplastics during washing.


Due to Opaak’s clothes combining different materials, they are more difficult to recycle after use. This is detrimental to the brand's circularity.

There are, however, good reasons to mix different materials, such as elastane and polyamide. The elastane makes the fabric more stretchy so you can move around in it, and makes the lingerie comfortable. Therefore, Opaak is doing as well as it can to be sustainable while designing comfortable lingerie.

Short chain

Opaak's supply chain is short. Both the design and production of the underwear is done in Europe. Even all the materials used come from European suppliers and manufacturers. This way, Opaak ensures that their products don't have to travel long distances to get to you.

Animal welfare

No materials of animal origin are used in Opaak's underwear. By choosing organic cotton instead of conventional cotton, the brand is also helping preserve the environment and the cotton farms’ surroundings. By avoiding pesticides, Opaak is contributing to ensure that these chemicals do not end up in nature.

Slow fashion & Longevity

Opaak's products are made to last. That is why the brand only uses high-quality materials from European suppliers. This way, the brand aims to guarantee the longest possible lifespan.

Opaak's lingerie is both sensual yet sporty, and comfortable yet beautiful. The minimalist designs make the brand timeless and adapted to any outfit and any occasion.

To ensure your purchase does not lose its shine, Opaak also provides consumers with care tips. For example, it is better to wash the lingerie at a low temperature and avoid the tumbler dryer.


In terms of their production locations, Opaak is fairly transparent. The production countries are known, as are the origins of the materials. Unfortunately, because Opaak does not go into further detail, they score 50% on transparency.

Looking for beautiful underwear? At Opaak, you'll find sporty and minimalist lingerie, all made in Europe! Discover where to buy the brand on the map below.

Where to buy Opaak?


Opaak COSH black two piece
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Opaak COSH black bodysuit
Opaak COSH white two piece
Opaak COSH white bodysuit
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