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Have you just had a new baby? Or would you like a comfy outfit for your toddler to play in in the woods? Little Green Radicals might just have what you’re looking for with their range of organic cotton clothing for kids. Think onesies or t-shirts with cute nature-inspired prints or knitted cardigans and jumpers in pretty colours.

Little Green Radicals was founded in 2005 by Nick because he wanted to make beautiful children's clothes the right way. That's why this brand's clothes are always organic and Fairtrade. They’re always looking to improve their products, the way they treat people and their impact on the environment, which here at COSH! we view as a very good approach! Little Green Radicals wants to play a role in the ethical fashion revolution.


Little Green Radicals says it was one of the first companies to use certified Fairtrade cotton. This ensures cotton farmers are paid fair wages, which also benefits their families and communities. The Fairtrade certificate also sets requirements around child labour, the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, and supports social and environmental sustainability. Among others, the brand works with Chetna Organics from Yavatmal in India, who have a network of cotton farmers working together.

They ensure good working conditions throughout the chain, including the places where the cotton is spun into yarn, the fabric is made and the clothes are assembled. All the cotton is also (GOTS-certified) organic, which proves that no harmful pesticides have been used to grow the cotton, and offers further reassurance of the working conditions throughout the supply chain.

Little Green Radicals has been working with a family-owned factory called 'Deeps Textiles', near Kolkata in India, for over eight years. This factory has 30 years of experience and 102 employees. Little Green Radicals has visited it factory several times.

The brand also works with Sedex and SA8000 to improve working conditions. By working with the organisation Swadhina, they aim to improve the lives of women in remote parts of India by helping them become independent, offer them training and give them access to healthcare.


Little Green Radicals only uses Fairtrade and GOTS-certified cotton, except for their rainwear which is made from recycled polyester. Here at COSH!, we are fans of this brand’s choice to use eco-friendly and ethically sourced cotton as cotton is a natural material and is therefore biodegradable. In very few cases, a small percentage of elastane is added to the cotton.

We are less of a fan of polyester, as microplastics are released when the fabric is washed and it is not biodegradable. It is however a very practical fabric for waterproof rainwear and, thankfully, these kinds of clothes don’t usually need to be washed very often, which is why we are glad to see that they chose recycled polyester instead of 'virgin polyester'. However, the source of the recycled polyester is unknown. Therefore, we can’t guarantee that it’s more sustainable.

In addition to social requirements, the Fairtrade label also sets standards to protect the environment, including CO2 emissions reduction, water and soil quality, water management and a ban on GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). It encourages environmentally friendly practices, such as cultivating nutrient-rich soils and using wildlife to help control pests and diseases. Fairtrade can also provide access to financing and expertise in tackling climate change, supporting long-term environmental sustainability. Important steps for an eco-friendly clothing industry!

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) evaluates the entire process from cotton growing to clothes assembly and shipping. They don’t just label the materials as organic, they also verify the use of chemicals in production, for example. Want to know more about the benefits of organic cotton? Then read this blog post.

Animal welfare

Because Little Green Radicals uses cotton for all its clothes, you won't find any clothes here made from animal materials such as wool or leather. Good news for animal lovers! The jerseys and onesies made of cotton will definitely keep your little one warm as well.

Circular economy

Besides the fact that Little Green Radicals uses recycled polyester for some products, all of their products are also highly recyclable. This is because they are all mono material, meaning that each product is 100% made of one type of fibre. On top of that, the cotton clothes are also biodegradable. A win for the circular economy!

Deeps Textiles, the factory that this brand works with, puts a lot of consideration into its zero-textile-waste policy to reduce its environmental impact. Leftover fabric is reused for new products such as face masks, or recycled. They also value quality, which is why the fabrics are a bit thicker, so that Little Green Radicals clothes last a long time.

Slow fashion

Little Green Radicals has a large selection of beautiful patterns and colours in its collections. Their clothes remain nevertheless quite timeless and will enable you to pass them down to family and generations to come. The patterns are perfect for fun children’s fashion and mainly feature animals, flowers, fruit, stripes and checks! The colours also won’t be going out of fashion.

Short chain

This brand's clothes travel quite a distance from the factory in India to the head office in the UK or to European shops. Still, we can speak of a sort of short chain as there aren’t many intermediate links in Little Green Radicals' chain.


Little Green Radicals is definitely a transparent brand. All their certificates are clearly indicated on the website and on the clothes themselves. They also only work with one factory, for which they provide a comprehensive and clear story. The only thing missing for us is the precise origin of the cotton, but since the cotton is certified organic and Fairtrade, we do know it has been responsibly sourced.

Looking for a cool and cheerful outfit for your baby or child? Then you should check out this ethical and eco-friendly brand Little Green Radicals. See which shops near you sell this brand, on the COSH! map below.

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