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The cosmetics brand Kure Bazaar makes nail polish of natural ingredients in high fashion colors. It is the perfect detail to give your outfit a finishing touch and to make your hands shine.

Founder Kartika Luyet started the brand when she was pregnant of her son and consciously chose for biological food and natural cosmetics. She loved nail polish, but stopped using it during the first months after the birth of her son. Even Though there are many natural cosmetic brands on the market, the availability of natural nail polish is still very limited.


The nail polish exists for 85% of natural ingredients like wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. The nail polish is shiny and stays as long on your nails as the synthetical alternatives. Kure Bazaar wants to make your nails shine, with respect for nature.

On the other hand Kure Bazaar wants to provide the best quality. The nail polish has to be resistant, long-lasting, fast-drying, super shiny and amazing colors as well. It is a challenge to reach these traits and to work 100% naturally. Therefore the brand chose for the perfect optimum of 85% natural ingredients. Kure Bazaar is sadly enough not free from synthetic materials, a small minus point but we understand the trade off.

For these colorful nail polishes you can be sure that the four most harmful ingredients are avoided. Kure Bazaar refuses to use formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates

and synthetic camphor. These are all harmful chemicals for humans, animals and the environment.

Despite the fact that Kure Bazaar is not biologically certified, you can for sure use their products for a more natural and less harmful manicure. The owner Kartika Luyet strvies to work as natural as possible and reach high quality with Kure Bazaar. All for you and your nails to be able to shine optimally.


All natural ingredients are made in France, so inside the EU. The EU has strict environmental laws as well as strict working legislations which make sure that the workers work in good circumstances and receive a fair wage.

It is still unknown where the ingredients of the nail polish come from for us at COSH! We are curious where the wheat and cotton comes from and under which circumstances these were produced. We ask for this information and will include it here as soon as we have more information.

Animal Welfare

The colorful nail polish is vegan. However, we find no certificate for this so for this as well we will ask the brand for more information. But, there is also good news: Kure Bazaar does not sell its products in China. At COSH! We discovered that cosmetic brands that export to China give the country permission to do animal testing. Luckily this is not the case for Kure Bazaar.

Circular economy

Kure Bazaar uses reusable packaging. De nail polish pots are made from glass, which is easily recyclable. The cap is made of hard plastic. Sadly, this is harder to recycle and will leave microplastics in the environment.

Slow fashion

Kure Bazaar as an extensive color palette of nail polish. It would be very hard to not find your favorite color here. The brand also has a sequence of timeless colors and even transparent nail polish that they sell under the name ‘clean’. This transparent nail polish is also suited for men. It strengthens the nails, erases stripes on your nails and causes a nice, shiny look.

Do you want to treat yourself with sustainable nail polish? Take a look at the sales points down below.

Where to buy Kure Bazaar?


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