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Nomadic wool

What do a camel, a yak and a goat have in common? All three of them have something Homadic likes to use: their wool!


Homadic was founded by the Belgian Gerel. She is originally from Mongolia, but moved to Belgium when she was fourteen. The nomadic existence is something that is still common in Mongolia. This fascinated Gerel so much that she started her own brand that introduces this lifestyle to our daily lives. Homadic sells woolen accessories, such as scarves, gloves and socks. Perfect for a cosy night in or a cold day out.

Nature living

All accessories are made of wool. The wool comes from mountain sheep, camels, goats and yaks. There are no synthetic or plastic materials and that makes the brand 100% natural. But where do these animals live? In Mongolia! And they live a very happy life there in the mountains. There the nomadic shepherds treat the animals with love by feeding them nutritious food and combing their fur every season.

The colouring of the yarn does not happen in all cases. Such as yak wool, which retains its natural, brown-grey colour. If colour is used, this is Oeko-Tex certified colouring.

Nomadic people

By getting her wool from them, she also supports the nomadic lifestyle. Gerel wants to preserve the heritage of the shepherds with Homadic. She also has the accessories made in Mongolia. There she works with factories that meet her standards: good working conditions and a fair wage.

Is it circular?

You could say that. Each piece is a mono material, which means that the product is made entirely of one material. That of course makes it very easy for the recycling process.


Can your wardrobe use new winter accessories? Then be sure to take a look at Homadic!