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How sustainable is Esprit?
This screening has been done by Fairify on April 10th 2020

Esprit is a multinational fashion brand. After years of declining revenue, the company decided to change. Since 2019, the brand is restructuring itself, changing its business model from one that had fast fashion traits to one with a mission. The company announced plans to reduce collections and make a move towards more sustainable materials.While the ambition seems to be there, the company has only just embarked on its mission, which shows in its data. No emissions are being tracked throughout its supply chain and materials used for its products remain largely originating from uncertified sources. The company wants to achieve 100% more sustainable cotton in 2021, but the current percentage only adds up to 18%. For synthetic fibres, the target is 30% more sustainable, but currently less than 1%. These numbers are the same for responsible down and the company still uses leather and wool from unspecified sources.Information about packaging is missing and even though Esprit has a Code of Conduct in place and states it works with Amfori BSCI to audit its supply chain, it can do more to ensure higher social standards in its supply chain.Esprit has just gotten started because recurring revenue forced it to change. Changing from a company that produces a big amount of relatively cheap clothing in third world countries towards a truly sustainable brand is a big challenge. That being said, its targets are ambitious. Achieving its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the use of more sustainable materials in its supply chain would be a very impressive feat. We’ll have to wait and see how Esprit develops in the coming years.

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