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Our clothes determine how we feel and how we appear to other people. The first impression is already determined in the first thirty seconds of the encounter. Anyone who wants to make a positive impression chooses an outfit that emphasizes their identity and beautiful sides. Yet there are still many people who stand in front of their wardrobe for centuries. But COSH! knows the ideal solution for this: style advice. And in Bruges, this can be done by none other than colour consultant Ellis Gijsen!

Ellis puts together a personalized colour palette that fits in perfectly with who you are. Through an analysis of the skin, eyes and hair, she quickly finds out your type. Once you know your colours and see what lights up your skin the most, you will go shopping with a much better feeling. It also makes shopping more targeted and therefore more sustainable. Say no to a wardrobe full of doubtful clothes.


Cosh Ellis Gijsen IMG 6064

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