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The Joan of Arc of the sustainable fashion industry

Look good, feel good, do good: that is the motto of the French women's clothing brand EKYOG. It was founded in 2003 with the aim of making fashion more ecological and ethical. EKYOG goes for clothes with character that are feminine and trendy.

A good planet

When it comes to the choice of fabrics, EKYOG does not hesitate for long. The brand only produces with the most natural, GOTS-certified or recycled materials. The smaller the footprint, the better. The use of hazardous chemicals is also a big no-go for EKYOG.

The autumn/winter collection contains nice sweaters of blends with organic cotton, silk and/or cashmere or mohair. The dresses and blouses are always made of 100% organic cotton and/or lyocell. All natural and therefore biodegradable. Yes! The jeans pieces are unwashed denim, which is better for the environment and they are GOTS-certified. Double yes! At EKYOG they also clearly state which of the pieces carry the GOTS label.

Good for humanity

In order to ensure that production runs as fairly as possible, the brand works with its own charter. Every manufacturer at EKYOG has to comply with this charter. EKYOG has its products manufactured in India, Portugal and Tunisia.
We do not know exactly where these production locations are located.


Dress like a real parisienne with the durable women's clothing brand EKYOG.

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Ekyog cosh SS20 woman TEE U100
Ekyog cosh SS20 woman PUL U209
Ekyog cosh SS20 PUL U301
Ekyog cosh SS20 GIL U146
Ekyog cosh SS20 woman GIL U100
Ekyog cosh SS20 woman GIL U301