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That something needs to change in the current clothing industry is clear to Pim van Boxtel. Almost all our clothing comes from low-wage countries with poor living and working conditions and heavily processed fabrics. At DutchCraft they think this can be done differently. Since 2018, they have been producing honestly made T-shirts designed and manufactured in Dutch sewing workshops.

How eco is DutchCraft?

DutchCraft only works with 100% organic cotton of good origin and with the GOTS® quality mark. This also means that the fabric feels finer and lasts longer. Global Organic Textile Standard® is an international quality mark for clothing that consists of at least 95 percent (identified by the text Organic) organically produced materials. DutchCraft's T-shirts consist of 100% organically produced cotton.

No chemical-synthetic crop protection products, no genetically modified organisms and no artificial fertilizer are used in the cultivation. The standard imposes requirements on factories regarding the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, factories are obliged to use a sustainable waste water system and to use water and energy sparingly.

Fair production in our own country

Pim has selected the sustainable studio they work with with the utmost care. At DutchCraft, they are committed to fair production in their home country (The Netherlands), with rock-solid quality. The seamstresses are well paid for their artisanal work, but of course the price is a bit higher.

DutchCraft also does everything it can to reduce its carbon footprint. Almost all production takes place in the Netherlands. The workshop is not a large factory, the emissions are low and the percentage of sustainable renewable energy sources is currently above 50%. They aim to use fully green renewable energy within 10 years.

Because their T-shirts can pass through the letterbox, the T-shirts are sent in a PostNL letterbox package, which means that the emissions from transport are much lower than a traditional package. The cardboard is made of recycled paper and they re-use all the packaging from orders that are returned. This is a step in the right direction towards a better world.

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