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Discover the playful children's clothing by Bonjour Maurice! This Belgian brand offers colourful outfits for your little sweetheart. Would you rather rent clothes? Or buy several clothes at once? It's all possible with Bonjour Maurice's subscriptions and clothing packages.


Bonjour Maurice's collection is designed in Brussels. The production of the clothes takes place mainly in Portugal. The brand collaborates with several small family businesses near Porto. Because the production sites are located in the European Union, the manufacturers have to comply with the strict labour laws and regulations that apply here.

In addition, the manufacturers Bonjour Maurice works with are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This certificate controls the production process of organic cotton, while also monitoring the work environment. This ensures that the clothes are made in safe and ethical conditions!


Bonjour Maurice uses organic cotton in nearly the whole collection. As we mentioned earlier, the organic cotton has the GOTS certificate. This means that no chemicals are permitted in the production process. Organic cotton also has the advantage that less irrigation water is needed to grow the plant. This makes it a sustainable material. Want to know more about the benefits of organic cotton? Read it here.


Because the clothes are made from a mono-material, 100% organic cotton, they are easily recyclable after use. This makes the products very circular.

The brand also follows circular principles in the company itself. They do this in two ways, to ensure that a garment can be worn by more than one child. First, they offer a rental service. You can rent the clothes for a small monthly fee and swap them out as much as you like.

In addition, Bonjour Maurice also offers a second-hand sale. You can bring in your old purchases there in exchange for a discount voucher. Every month, the brand holds a second-hand sale with all the Bonjour Maurice products that were brought in.

Short chain

Bonjour Maurice has a short supply chain thanks to its Portuguese producers. This way, your purchase does not have to travel a long distance to get to you.

Unfortunately, there is little information on the country of origin of the cotton. The biggest producing countries of (organic) cotton are China and the United States. So it could be that the material comes from far away after all.


Bonjour Maurice's collection is almost entirely vegan. All clothes made of 100% organic cotton are natural, plant-based and have a small impact on the environment.

Bonjour Maurice also has iron-on patches in their collection. It is possible that materials of animal origin were used in these, as this is often unknown. Bonjour Maurice promised COSH! to investigate so that they will be entirely vegan in the future.

Slow fashion & Longevity

Bonjour Maurice values the longevity of their clothes. The longevity of Bonjour Maurice is therefore evident in the monthly second-hand sales the brand has.

Besides the quality materials and timeless designs, the brand has several other ways to make their products last longer:

  • The collection is gender-neutral. This makes clothes easier to pass on and share.

  • The clothes are reversible. This makes it easy for your child to dress themselves, as well as create two different outfits instantly with one piece of clothing.

  • Finally, Bonjour Maurice sells iron-on patches to facilitate quick repairs.


Bonjour Maurice is committed to transparency. That is why the brand shared the names of their producers with COSH!. On their website and product pages, too, you will always find information about the materials and the country where a product was made.

Looking for a cute outfit for your sweetheart? Or a sustainable baby shower gift? Then you've come to the right place at Bonjour Maurice! You can find sustainable baby and children's clothing to buy or rent! Discover stores on the map below where you can find the brand.

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