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At the Belgian family business Bel&Bo, you can shop with all confidence close to home.

The fashion chain has been a member of Fair Wear Foundation since 2014 and, together with this Foundation, they monitor the conditions in which their colourful collections are produced.

The Bel&Bo head office is located in Deerlijk, West Flanders. But across the country, some 600 employees work in 95 shops.


Bel&Bo wants to sell ethically produced clothing at a fair price. Since 2010, major steps have been taken in this direction. The company is a member of Fair Wear Foundation (since 2014). This means that they have regular (independent) checks carried out on the working conditions in the stitching and clothing factories with which the company collaborates. Bel&Bo is also working to improve these conditions. Thanks to the Bel&Bo range, even shoppers with a smaller budget can gradually switch to more ethical alternatives. And of course this can only be applauded at COSH!

CSR manager Tine Buysens ensures a more transparent sustainability policy. Bel&Bo's progress - and shortcomings - are presented annually in a social report. On the website of Bel&Bo you will also find concrete examples of the sustainability efforts, some background information about the Fair Wear Foundation and some more information about the sustainable partnerships made by Bel&Bo.


Bel&Bo already sells a few pieces of clothing made of recycled polyester, but would like to make significant progress in terms of more ecologically acceptable raw materials in the coming years.

COSH! is looking forward to being able to communicate about this together with Bel&Bo in the future. So we' ll keep you posted!

A great place to work?

Well, yes,it is! At Bel&Bo, it is not only the family spirit that prevails; the clothing chain was also voted Best Retailer Belgium - Ladies Fashion for the sixth time in a row in 2017-2018. And in 2018, the company ranked in the top 10 of the 'Great place to work' competition. But there is more. Bel&Bo not only creates jobs abroad, but also here in Belgium. To Bel&Bo that’s really important!

In short

Bel&Bo is taking steps towards better working conditions in its stitching and clothing factories and the use of more sustainable raw materials. If you do not have a large shopping budget, you can safely buy from Bel&Bo.

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