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Back to the Roots is a brand of sustainable clothing and accessories created to connect with, protect and enjoy nature.

Their main purpose is to show you the magic of the natural world and remind you that you are part of it. Their clothes are made to last, with the planet and people in mind.

Aware that reducing impact is not enough, for every item they sell they plant two trees in the Amazon through a reforestation NGO.


Gonzalo, founder of Back to Te Roots, one day decided to leave everything behind and set out to make his dream come true: he wanted to build a cabin in the mountains and start a new life in nature, far away from the routine and the rules of society. At the rhythm of each sunrise and sunset.

From his hut in the forest he designs the Back to the Roots garments, which will then be ethically made in Bangladesh and customised in Spain.


Their T-shirts, hats, caps and socks are made from 100% organic cotton, while their sweatshirts are also made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester.

In addition, all of their garments are environmentally certified. The sweatshirts and T-shirts have GOTS, Fair Wear and OEKO TEX certificates to guarantee that their fabrics contain at least 70% organic fibre and that the cultivation and production processes were carried out under fair working conditions.

On the other hand, the caps and hats are also FAIRTRADE® and Organic Content Standard certified, which guarantees that the garments contain a high percentage of organic materials and have been ethically manufactured.

Also, aware that reducing impact is not enough, for every item they sell they plant two trees in the Amazon through a reforestation NGO.


​​At COSH we are big fans of mono-material garments because they make them easy to recycle. In the case of Back to the Roots, their t-shirts, hats, caps and socks are 100% organic cotton.

In addition, cotton is a natural fibre that biodegrades over time, which reduces the impact it has on the environment compared to synthetic fibres that decompose much more slowly.

Short chain

Some Back to the Roots products are made entirely in Spain. The socks are made in a workshop in Pradoluengo (Burgos), the "Mustang Backpack" is handmade by Hilvah in his workshop in Valencia, and the "Cabin Mug" is also handmade in the Valles Pasiegos in Cantabria.

The finishing touches, such as embroidery and screen printing, are done in workshops in Mataró and Murcia.

Animal welfare

Back to the Roots does not use animal-derived fabrics in their garments.

Their garments have the Peta approved VEGAN certification, which guarantees that everything they sell is 100% vegan. This means that there are no animal products involved in any part of the creation of their products.

However, they do use a small amount of virgin wool and recycled Salpax leather for their Mustang Backpack.

Slow fashion and Longevity

Back to the Roots reflects its commitment to slow fashion by consciously opting for timeless colours, such as earth tones. Instead of getting bored of trendy prints and colours after one season, you can keep Back to the Roots' collections of neutral basics with unique designs for years to come.


Back to the Roots is a transparent brand!

COSH! was able to talk to Gonzalo, the founder of the brand and we can assure you that Back to the Roots is a transparent brand. They have provided us with information about where they make their products and the names of their suppliers.

In addition, on their website, they show the real costs and margins of the production of each garment, information that we at COSH! value highly in terms of transparency!

Discover life in nature with Back to the roots! Simple and sustainable garments with a natural style.

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