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Are you looking for eco-friendly flip flops? Asportuguesas is a Portuguese shoe brand that uses cork to produce comfortable shoes and sandals. It is also the first brand to bring cork flip flops to the market.


The Asportuguesas collection is produced entirely in Portugal. They work exclusively with local workers to harvest the cork and manufacture the shoes. This way Asportuguesas wants to create jobs in the rural areas of Portugal. To make cork, you have to be very precise. The industry, therefore, employs professionals. They are among the highest-paid workers in Europe.

Because the production takes place in Europe, the manufacturers must comply with all European labour laws and regulations. This way we can be sure that the shoes are made in ethical conditions.


Asportuguesas uses several sustainable materials, such as cork and rubber. The cork is harvested from trees every 9 years, during which time the tree can continue to grow (up to 200 years old). Because harvesting the cork is a delicate process, the workers are thoroughly trained and no power or mechanical tools are used. This also limits the emissions from the process.

Portuguese cork production has many environmental benefits. A peeled cork tree converts 3 to 5 times more CO2 to oxygen than other trees. Because the production process of Asportuguesas causes few CO2 emissions, this ensures that the CO2 balance is negative. Therefore, these cork flip flops contribute to a cleaner atmosphere.

Unfortunately, little information about the other materials used in the shoes can be found. Asportuguesas combines the cork with rubber to make quality soles, but it is unclear if they use natural rubber. There is also little information about other materials used in the shoes, such as cotton, cactus leather, or wool. This makes it difficult to verify whether these are sustainable or recycled materials.

Cactus leather, for example, seems like a sustainable material but it is often mixed with synthetic polyurethane (PU), which makes it lose its sustainable characteristics. Here you can find out more about the different types of vegan leather and their ecological impact.


Cork is a circular material, as it can be easily recycled and is biodegradable. The use of recycled materials also contributes to the brand's circularity. But for many models, the sole or shoe itself have different materials mixed in like cork and rubber. These shoes are difficult or impossible to recycle and are also not always biodegradable.

Short chain

Asportuguesas has a short chain because the production takes place in Portugal. The cork itself also originates from Portugal. Unfortunately, due to the lack of information about the origin of the other materials used, for example, cotton and rubber, we cannot fully assess this company's supply chain.

Animal Welfare

Cork is a completely vegan material, Asportuguesas has several vegan shoes in its collection. Cork is a typical Portuguese product and contributes to the local biodiversity. But there are also shoes that are partly made of merino wool or sheep wool. Unfortunately, Asportuguesas does not give any information about the origin of these materials. Therefore it is not possible to make an accurate assessment of animal welfare.


Asportuguesas shoes are of high quality and because the design is timeless you can enjoy your purchase for a long time. Asportuguesas has both a men's and a women's collection. In these collections, you can find flip flops, sandals, ankle boots, sneakers, and other closed shoes. Always in a simple, comfortable style.


Unfortunately, Asportuguesas doesn't score very well on transparency. The brand provides little information about its manufacturers and the origin of the materials. Because of the lack of certificates, it's hard to find out if the materials are really sustainable. Also on the product page of the shoes, little information is given, sometimes it's not even clear what materials the shoes are made of.

At Asportuguesas you can find flip flops, sandals, and shoes made of cork. Below you can find where you can buy them.

Where to buy Asportuguesas?