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AQTE2 is a French shoe brand from Marseille. AQTE2’s shoe are gender-neutral trainers made almost entirely from recycled materials.


All of AQTE2's production takes place in Europe. Design is done in France and production takes place in Portugal. In Europe, manufacturers must comply with the European Union’s labour rules and laws as well as the relevant national laws. As a result, we can assume that the products are made in ethical working conditions. AQTE2’s manufacturer also holds the OHSAS 18001 certificate which guarantees that working conditions, safety and health of employees are good.

Another nice thing about AQTE2 is that their trainers are gender neutral, meaning they’re contributing to a more inclusive society and that everyone can enjoy wearing their shoes.


AQTE2 prioritises sustainable materials. The sole is made of recycled rubber, the laces are partly made of organic cotton and partly of recycled PET bottles. Finally, the upper bit of the shoe is made of 50% recycled polyester and 50% recycled PET bottles. 8 PET bottles are given a new life through each shoe.

For every pair of shoes sold, AQTE2 plants a tree, to compensate for the environmental impact of their production.


AQTE2’s shoes are mainly made from recycled materials. Eight PET bottles are recycled for each trainer and recycled rubber is also used for the sole. This makes the trainer more circular. By using organic cotton, AQTE2 also ensures there are no harmful substances in their shoes.

However, combining the different materials (e.g. the glue used for the sole) reduces their circularity. Unfortunately, there is no other way yet of assembling trainers.

Short chain

AQTE2’s chain is short as it is entirely located in Europe. This ensures your shoes will not travel long distances. The number of intermediaries in the supply chain is also limited: designing is done in France, production takes place in Portugal and all materials are sourced in Europe.

Animal welfare

AQTE2's shoes are animal-friendly, as they are completely vegan! To prove it, the brand is certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Slow fashion & Longevity

AQTE2 uses sustainable, but also very high-quality materials. Their shoes are breathable, thermoregulating and odour-fighting. The soles are attached using both glue and stitching, to provide extra strength and quality.

The shoes always feature an off-white base with a honey-coloured sole, with additional features in a variety of colours. This simple and gender neutral design makes the shoes, which are urban with a vintage touch, timeless.


AQTE2 is transparent about the materials used in their shoes. On the website, you will find a lot of information about what the shoe is made of and how the company itself operates. Unfortunately, there is little information about the manufacturers AQTE2 works with.

AQTE2 sells sustainable gender neutral trainers. Want to know where you can find them? Check out the stores on the map below.

Where to buy Aqte2?


Aqte2 COSH White crema
Aqte2 COSH black and white
Aqte2 COSH Berlin Crema Femme
Aqte2 COSH White
Aqte2 COSH Red white